If Hillary were a man, I’d still hate her

    Coming from a family of people who, without exception, voted Republican since the 1870s, I’ll be the first to vote Democratic, provided Obama is the nominee.

    Since Obama’s speech at the Democratic convention when he spoke the words “…no red states, no blue states, just the United States…” when I felt a thrill of hearing the right stuff, I’ve followed and supported his career.

    I never cared for the Clintons, but now they’ve done what I would’ve thought impossible: they’ve made me hate them, their lying, their methods, their “We’re just like you” act. It’s not as though the wife didn’t already have her chance to fix health care (and blew it), it’s carrying on as they’ve done during this campaign, with that lying finger of his still being shaken in our collective face. This is not the time to divide, it’s the time to unite… if you love the country more than yourself.

    Besides, instead of an exciting campaign, she has managed to make it boring and irritating. I hate that about the Clintons, too. Now I don’t even like Chelsea and she hasn’t done that much Clinton stuff.

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