With control of Congress so important in the next few years, I highly doubt that anyone who is currently a senator or representative will be chosen for a VP spot.

Neither party will want to give up a seat in Congress and with 2 Senators as nominees, the last thing they will want to stink up the ticket with is another member of Congress.

So that means no ticket with Senators Obamam or Clinton. And more than likely no ticket with McCain/Leiberman either.

Personally, if Senator Obama wins, I think he should pick Democratic Governor of Arizona — a caucasian woman. She could go behind John McCain and tell the facts about his record and not the HYPE.

But because John McCain is going to make National Security an issue, I think the winning ticket will be Obama/Richardson.

I have heard many Democrats say that they do not believe Senator Obama can win because of the racism in our country. Personally, I think that is really pathetic but then I remember that this is the same country stupid enough to reelect GW Bush, the worst president in the entire history of the US, for a 2nd term.

So it is ESPECIALLY important to have a popular and strong VP nominee. Governor Richardson has extensive experience in the Executive Branch of the Gov’t. His Hispanic background and experience with immigration, energy and Natonal security issues will bring a powerful punch to the ticket.

So when the Genuises of Propaganda (GOP) try to say Senator Obama doesn’t have enough experience to be President, we must remind them that GW Bush has ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE with ANY matters pertaining to the Federal Gov’t or Executive Branch and that the ENTIRE PURPOSE of adding Dick Cheney to the ticket was because of the vast experience in the Federal govt that he brought to the ticket.

Using the same logic, a Obama/Richardson ticket would DWARF ANYTHING that John McCain could come up with except the very unlikely possibility of a McCain/Paul ticket.

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