Today the California Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling that laws restricting the right to marry to opposite sex couples are a violation of the state’s constitution. The decision, 4-3, by a Court that is dominated by Republicans and moderate-conservatives will no doubt be controversial and will be challenged by an initiative measure.

I have to admit, that as a gay man when I heard of the decision I broke down in tears. Finally I have been recognized as a person of equal rights and merit to the rest of you. I am a human being, not a mistake.

California, with both the largest population and the largest gay population in the U.S. joins with Massachusetts in recognizing the right of all its citizens to equal treatment by the state.

In a complex ruling, the Court ruled that San Francisco acted precipitously when it issued marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples in 2004 and ruled those marriages were not lawful. The state passed the most extensive domestic partnership law in the nation but this ruling held that separate is not equal.

I am not going to argue here the wisdom of this ruling. Frankly, if you cannot see it, I am unlikely to convince you to change your mind. I respect the right of any religion to decline to officiate such marriages, but the state has no right to enforce religious beliefs.

This is a short article but my joy is overflowing and I wanted to share this tremendous decision with you.


  1. Concur. Mr. Remington has been quite clear as to the point being made – that the sentence in question logically contradicts the rest of the author’s implicit intent; therefore, as Mr. Shaw pointed out, it has to be a misprint/typo.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  2. No Adam, I did not mis-read Ted. Homophobes are looking forward to bringing this issue into the state constitutions and I only point why they do. They are sin seekers and get a thrill over making laws at any level that would make gays of either sex inferior. It’s the church speaking out against American values. I’ve been in this battle a long time, not because I am personally affected by these laws but unless we have freedoms and liberties for all Americans we might as well chose up shop and get rid of what is left of the Constitution.

  3. Ted. We must take the issue off the federal and state laws. Do we really care who others marry? Are you threatened by two gays living next door? Do you believe that gays are all pedophiles? Could it me you are not facing an educated look at humans and are simply looking for sins where they do not exist? The bedroom doors are closed to any level of government.

    Facing reality will always defeat closed minds. It just takes time for some people.

  4. ‘ “Thus far, 27 states have passed constitutional amendments banning gay marriage in the United States. Hopefully as time goes on and we become more open-minded, there will one day be 50.” ‘

    Must be a misprint?

    — Kent Shaw

  5. How could we become more open-minded if all 50 states passed constitutional amendments banning gay marriage?


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