Neither party gives a damn about the American people and they would rather slam into each other on Racism and Sexism and everything in between, including religion.

This morning we heard President Bush slam into Obama for believing that he can actually negotiate on the subject of Nuclear Weapons. His using Hitler as an example, shows all of us the depth this Administration will fall to slam Obama. For what it is worth, I have some ideas for correction that has been a problem for both Democrats and Republicans.

Iraqi War

We need to end this war in Iraq immediately. The GOP feels we won it and the Dems feels we lost it. Who cares? Our nation is under threat and our American soldiers are dying. I want to know what they are dying for, and what the hell did we win?

Energy Problems

I hear two problems here; the first is that the earth is running out of oil. The second is that we have plenty but it might affect the quality of our oxygen. Using biofuels has raised the price of food. We need somebody who will tell us the truth and the cost/manpower to solve the problem. The cost of $4.00 gas will bring up the cost of every product we buy and could trigger famine in the poorer areas.

Bring Up Academic Standards

Our public schools are a disgrace. Many of us paid higher property taxes because of the waste of money going into our schools. Just that part of my property taxes in Encino was higher than the cost of private school. I do not want the government to set standards in our schools but the Governors must take the responsibility to locate the long list of programs that fit their individual School Districts. We have all summer to start this.

The President of the United States can address this lack of academics and poor reading scores; not by testing the kids but by encouraging parents and the schools themselves to focus on many curriculums until they find the one that works for them.

Encourage the development of trade schools which is the way our schools use to operate. Why not set up programs for the teenagers to work the fields, vineyards, farms and all those jobs for which we use illegal aliens. Home construction is at a low ebb and now would be the time to train our plumbers, brick workers, carpenters to fill in with good paying jobs and making America proud again. We need schools to do this. Every school district should be responsible for this necessary change.

Close the Borders

We must stop the drug trafficking immediately. We can allow new immigrants but they must come with paperwork that show good health records and no crime records. These were part of our Immigration laws and have been ignored or repealed. We even had a quota system that allowed a good balance in our policies.

Will this call for a Third Party? Maybe unseating the GOP and the Democrats in Congress will force a new party for America. It could happen but we had better start planning NOW!

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