By Maggie Van Ostrand

Between the Clinton act itself starring the ex-first family, McAuliffe, Wolfson, and a few babbling blondes, you’d think Hillary still had a shot at the presidency.

After John Edwards’ endorsement of Barack Obama, it seems the only reality that could save the Clintons now, aside from more snake oil, hot air and unworkable ideas, would be an endorsement by Al Gore. Come to think of it, it’s doubtful even Al Gore could save her.

Hillary Clinton will have a place in history, but it’s not the one she’s angling for. More likely it will be a SciFi movie, The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave. Perhaps they’ll give up and start grooming Chelsea, the only woman in the world worse off in life than Laura Bush.

I almost feel sorry for the delusional Hillary Clinton, and then I remember all the people she has duped. Hillary as president … sure she’ll get the troops out of Iraq, except she can’t even get herself out of this race.

The trouble with Hillary’s gross ambition is that she can’t pull the wool over anybody’s eyes but those of her own people.

It’s rewarding to see the Dems carrying on without her. Hillary Clinton — Forgotten but not gone.


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