Watching the US graple with her hydra-headed crisis, I couldn’t help but think about how she got there in the first place. True, some of these problems accumulated over the years, but some; especially in the economy got out of hand because of this present government maladmnistration.

One may ask ‘what’s my beef here?’ since I am not a US citizen and live outside territorial United States; but as long as US policies heavily impact on my home country, as long as the US media poses as the authentic mouthpiece of worlwide events even though it has strong territorial or should I say patriotic attachment, as long as my home country denominates her reserves in US currency, suffering its fluctuation in the process, I’ve got to comment since the activity/ inactivity/bad activity of the man in the Washinton affects not just my home country but a larger section of the wider world.

Since this present admnistraion is in her ”last throes” in the whitehouse, I’ve been listening to the major contenders that have been gearing to replace her.Principally Mccain and Obama. All due regards to Senator Hillary Clinton but I am of the opinion that the former first lady still think that we’re still in the nineties.

Bearing in mind that whoever comes in now have a chance to remedy some of the situation or worsen all of it, I’ve pictured the election and would like to share it with you. The US is like a youngster with dental problems. This youngster has the option of staying at the candy shop/MccainBushRove or visiting the dentist/Obama. Funny enough, the US has the rebel spirit of a youngster. Well, any juvenile guidance counsellor will tell you that the youngster will choose to stay in the candy shop.

This election calls for well meaning US citizens to rise up and say ”its time to go see the dentist”. And while they are it, they ought to know that a healthy teeth knew a little pain.

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