West Virginia? Who cares?

So, Hillary Rodham Clinton won the West Virginia Democratic primary by a huge margin.

And your point is?

Of course she won West Virginia. Hillary was in her element, pantsuit deep in old, uneducated, white people – the kind of people who hate blacks and change and will vote for anyone as long as they’re white and willing to pander to their needs.

West Virginia is a state where family trees don’t branch, where a virgin is any eight year old who can outrun her brothers, where it takes two people to eat possum because one has to watch for traffic.

Sorry: Couldn’t resist. I grew up in Southwestern Virginia and West Virginia jokes flowed like moonshine (which was, at the time, our best cash crop). Do you know why West Virginia University put Astroturf in its football stadium? So the cheerleaders won’t graze at halftime.

Now that we have all the state stereotypes out of the way, let’s look at some more rational reasons why Clinton’s win in wild, wonderful West Virginia doesn’t really mean all that much.

The Clinton argument that she, and only she, can win swing states is stupid. You can’t compare primary results to what might or might not happen in a general election. Plus, claiming to be the candidate of choice in West Virginia is hardly a claim to fame. The state went for George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004. The last Democrat to win West Virginia was her husband. Looks like the state loves bubbas, dumb ass faux Texans and bleached blonds in pantsuits.

She will probably win Kentucky and Puerto Rico, another meaningless primary because PR is not a state and doesn’t count in the general election.

But it doesn’t matter. Politics is a game of numbers and even a classic rules-bender like Clinton can’t make the numbers work in her favor. Obama has an insurmountable lead in all the numbers that count and no amount of posturing by her and her loudmouth campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe can change the facts.

Superdelegates continue to break in Obama’s favor and a win in a hick state like West Virginia won’t change their minds. Besides, many of them are sick of Clinton and her husband.

So why stay in? Numbers come into play again – numbers like $20 million in campaign debts and she needs superficial wins in West Virginia, Kentucky and Puerto Rico to try and convince enough gullible idiots to waste more money in contributions to her failed campaign.

Clinton’s logic defies reality but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. She has become the George W. Bush of the Democratic Party, the serial liar who ignores the facts and tries to impose her will on a nation that has long tired of her.

Clinton is history and the longer she continues her charade the more she will become an embarrassing pimple on the body politic.


  1. I’m beginning to think that Harvard’s ex-president Larry Summers’ comments (which got him cannned) about women not being good at math might just be true. While I understand that Hillary’s supporters are passionate about their candidate, what is so bloody difficult about accepting the fact that Obama is kicking her butt in every rational measure imaginable? Or rather, is feminism such an obsessive, compulsive all-consuming philosophy that electing a woman is all that matters? Can women use the other side of their brain long enough to see that Hillary is a scary individual whos hard-right voting record and numerous mind-numbingly inane comments just might not be so great for this country, now in the grip of fascism, at this point in history? A rhetorical question. Feel free to not respond.

  2. I would imagine that all this Hillary “hate” talk would disappear if Hillary would do the party a favor and depart, as the numbers indicate she should. She might even regain some semblance of respect.

  3. RichardKanePA
    I think we should join John Edwards in stopping all this hate of Hillary.

    She is a decent human being.

    I too fear that she might help bin Laden make moderate Muslims think the US is their mortal enemy. But she could just as easily let Bill run her foreign policy.

    She tried to appeal to whites without looking like a racist, and didn’t succeed, but Obama supporters helped her fail.

    As Edward’s says we should be healing the Democratic Party, not looking for Hilary’s blemishes.

    See my blog entry on this subject.
    Google RichardKanePA

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