Army Corps says Condition of many levees a mystery


Across America, earthen flood levees protect big cities and small towns, wealthy suburbs and rich farmland. But the Army Corps of Engineers, the federal agency that oversees levees, lacks an inventory of thousands of them and has no idea of their condition, the corps’ chief levee expert told The Associated Press.

When the gov’t becomes so big that it no longer can do its job, then it is time for SIGNIFICANT CHANGES so we can have a govt that will function effectually to help the people, instead of robbing the people or worse….killing them.

Critics are troubled that the government doesn’t know the answer……”Once they do get an inventory,” Bea said, “I think we’re not going to like what we find.”

I wonder how many OTHER SUPRISES we will find once the steal and spend Republican Genuises of Propaganda are no longer in power and controlling everything.

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