According to conventional wisdom the antiwar movement swept Republicans out of office in the 2006 midterm elections, and the incompetent Democratic party has been throwing away what the antiwar movement won ever since. — However, most of the Republicans swept out of office such as our local Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum happened also to be against immigration. And big business stopped supporting many Republicans due to that issue.

With the exception of Carter, Roosevelt, and a nut way back in history called Andrew Jackson, the rich always win and the poor always loses. Adding the word middle class to the formula complicates matters a little but doesn’t change the basic equation. The rich like people to debate abortion, gay rights and flag burning rather than bread and butter issues, not really caring which side of the social issue wins.

A special advantage to well-endowed lobbyists is when an incompetent, like Bush Jr. is in office, is that is the incompetent is blamed instead of the lobbying interests. President McCain would provide four more years that the American people would shy away from such subversive ideas as blaming the ruling class. If McCain did something stupid in the Middle East people would hate him, but if Hillary got the Democratic nomination instead of Obama many people, in an extended war with Muslims, would start to drift toward antisemitism. So Hillary can promise more to the pro-Israeli lobby, but the pro defense expenditure lobbies know that only McCain can deliver, without the lobbyists getting the fallout, if things go badly.

Some may think I am ruining this essay by saying “drifting toward antisemitism” rather than drifting toward “standing up the pro Israeli lobby.”

Moussaoui spent his trial for being the alleged mastermind for 9/11 condemning his Jewish lawyer and urging Americans to blame the Jews. Peace activists are beheaded. A terror attack during the biggest peace protest in England, kicked the live coverage off the air, ruining it for US viewers. It was at the British consulate in Turkey and two synagogues. To me it’s clear that the bin Laden wing of al Qaeda wants an antisemitic antiwar movement not a nonviolent movement and is scared of small victories that may cool down the Muslim masses away from total Jihad.


Carter was president once, so the next Jimmy Carter, Barrack Obama might end up making this a less violent America as well. This, especially since McCain is slightly senile, has a temper problem, and insulting the Russians by threatening to kick Russia out of the G8 and replacing Russia with “real” democracies like Brazil and India, is not wise. Also, the Muslim world could consider the US their mortal enemy if the US gives up its touch of even handedness that every recent President including Bush Jr. has shown.

A wild card is how McCain has wrapped himself around Hispanics. He appealed to anti-Castro Cubans by in Miami after Fidel retired saying “I hope Castro dies soon.” McCain claimed that Cubans were torturing him when he was a POW in Vietnam, something other POW’s didn’t note. And has placed himself on a number of Hispanic board of directors.

However, no oil from the Middle East and Venezuela at the same time could make the dollar as worthless as German currency during the last days of World War II, or ancient Roman currency during the last days before the Fall of Ancient Rome. It took centuries back then before the starvation ending and roving bandits turned into Feudal Landlords. Latin America has enough problems without a total war between the rich and the poor breaking out and even extending to Hispanic neighborhoods in this country.

My guess is that if anti-Hispanic Republicans can become friends with progressive Hispanics worried about Cuba and Venezuela being turned into a contractor frenzy similar to Iraq, and those against military aid overseas can form an alliance with gun lovers in this country then McCain wouldn’t have a chance. But remember Carter was the last time the rich ever lost an election.

Off the subject, like Jimmy Carter, Obama is just too nice. I would like to see some Third Party, maybe Nader, maybe Ron Paul, maybe even a nativist gun toting party, resolve to spend all their time criticizing McCain instead of the Democrat, doing the swift-boating even providing the street money that Obama thinks is too dirty, but with their candidates to vote for check off list substituting a Democratic candidate or two, locally where that third party would have a chance of winning. Then we can have a nice clean President like Jimmy Carter again who keeps above the fray and at the same time an active movement looking out for the little guy.