It’s no secret that the national Republican Party has abandoned GOP Senatorial candidate Alan Schlesinger in Connecticut. The gambling-addicted pretender to the seat is just one of many Republican wannabes that the party would just as soon forget.

Reports Kevin Rennie in Political Wire:

Local Republican committees are starting to follow the lead of their rank and file in Connecticut by abandoning the quixotic Senate candidacy of Republican Alan Schlesinger. On August 11th, the Killingworth Republican Town Committee voted to withdraw its endorsement of Schlesinger.

A dozen more may follow, including at least one town that raises more money than any other for Republican causes around the state, Greenwich. The question for most towns will be whether to include the “L-word” in their resolutions. Some want to endorse Lieberman, who’s drawn significant Republican support since his narrow 1988 upset of disagreeable Republican Lowell P. Weicker, Jr, now an unaffiliated voter.

There are few gatherings more earnest than meetings of the 169 Republican town committees in Connecticut. The decision to bolt formally from a Republican candidate for the United States Senate to a three-term incumbent Democrat turned independent will cause much debate among party activists, who have stood by the parade of no-hopers the party has nominate for the Senate in the past decade.

The Lieberman-Lamont race will be "the one" to watch in this year’s election and the outcome could well signal whether or not the Iraq war is the defining issue and if Democrats can leverage public opposition to that war to take over Congress.