I know how to defeat John McCain and the steal-and-spend Republicans who are going to be riding on his very soiled coat-tails.

Make me the Democratic nominee and I will have the convention pick Lilly Ledbetter as my running mate. That would guarantee a win in November.

I hear a muffled cry, “Who the HELL is Lilly Ledbetter?”

She is John McCain’s nemesis. Ms. Ledbetter was hired by Goodyear Tire and Rubber in 1979 and worked for them until she retired some 19 years later. She filed a suit under The Equal Pay Act of 1963 and under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, claiming that she had received less money than any of her male coworkers during the entire period.

The trial court disposed of that portion of her claim filed under the Equal Pay Act but allowed that part of the suit filed under the Civil Rights Act. A jury awarded her back pay and damages. Goodyear appealed, arguing that the time for filing suit under the Civil Rights Act had passed 180 days after she was hired, in effect a statute of limitations.

The Supreme Court ruled in Goodyear’s favor recently, notwithstanding Ms. Ledbetter’s argument that a new cause of action accrued with every issuance of a paycheck containing less money than that to which she claimed entitlement.

A bill named after Ms Ledbetter to close this loophole died in the Senate because of the Republican minority’s refusal to invoke cloture. The vote was 56 in favor of cloture and 42 against. McCain didn’t bother to come back to the Senate to vote, but announced that he did not favor the bill because it would open up the door for all kinds of lawsuits.

So, in the midst of the primary season, having apparently sewn up the steal-and-spend Republican nomination, John McCain says, in effect, “Hell, I don’t need the vote of the working women of the United States to be crowned as the successor to Kaiser George III.”

What cretin in McCain’s group of co-conspirators thought this was a good idea? The Democrats should erect a shrine in his or her honor.

And even if they don’t nominate Lilly for the vice presidency they should hire her to appear at every speech and rally during the campaign, introducing her as the poster child of the Democratic Party, publicly punishing the steal-and-spend Republicans for their folly in pissing off more than half of the voters in the United States.

What were they thinking?

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