Veterans’ office covering up soldier suicides

“Support our troops?” Yeah, right! If this is how we support our troops, I am glad troop enlistment is way down.

The Bush Administration has more COVERUPS than any administration in history!

In one of the emails, sent in February, Dr Ira Katz, deputy chief patient care services officer for mental health at the VA, wrote: “Shh! Our suicide prevention coordinators are identifying about 1,000 suicide attempts per month among the veterans we see.”

He added: “Is this something we should address ourselves in some sort of release before someone stumbles on it?”

When are people going to learn….EMAILS NEVER GO AWAY!

But there is more…..

“The emails … seem to indicate they were trying to manipulate the data instead of sharing the data,” Filner told AFP. “If we hadn’t called this hearing, we probably still wouldn’t know the figures.”

“What we see is a pattern that reveals a culture of bureaucracy,” he told the VA officials at the hearing.

“The pattern is deny, deny, deny and when that fails, it’s cover up, cover up, cover up — there is clear evidence of a bureaucratic cover-up here.”

BIG BUREACRACIES NO LONGER WORK! This is why our gov’t no longer works!

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