CBS calls Indiana for Clinton

CBS news has called Indiana for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Other networks still call the race too early to call. Whatever the outcome, the vote tally is tightening.


  1. Reality

    The last county is Lake county, near Chicago, and is largely pro-Obama and 8% of the total population of Indiana. With 24% of the precincts reporting, the 16,000 margin thus far has erased nearly half of Clinton’s 38,000 lead in the entire rest of the state; doing the math, if the other 3/4 of the precincts also break 3-1 for Obama adding up to an additional 48k margin for Obama, the state should be in Obama’s column – at least, according to the ‘popular vote’. Me thinks CBS jumped the gun!

    (Update before posting – it’s now 56% of the precincts, breaking for Obama 2-1; if the remaining precincts go the same way, they should add 17k margin for Obama to just barely surpass Clinton’s current 16.5k lead… but there’s still Union county in the east, too, in Clinton territory… this will be a CLOSE one!)