Can you imagine telling farmers he opposes the very thing that keeps them solvent?

The man is definitely outside of Reality! Diminished Capacity due to old age has DEFINITELY SET IN John McCain!

Check this out!

McCain tells Iowa farmers he opposes subsidies

I never realized the importance of farm subsidies to the consumer until I lived in Mexico.

Milk was over $6 a gallon at Walmart and Costco. At first, I didn’t understand why milk was so high in Mexico which is usually a place considered by outsiders as a cheap place to live.

I later found out that the reason the price was so high is there are NO FARM SUBSIDIES in Mexico.

So no matter what the steal and spend republicans tell you about farm subsidies, don’t believe them. Farm subsidies not only help farmers but they also keep prices down. And in this time when inflation and higher prices is running rampant, THE LAST THING WE NEED IS TO DOUBLE THE PRICE OF MILK AND OTHER PRODUCTS!


Remember to reelect the FAILED POLICIES of BUSH/MCCAIN in 2008! Spending $4566 per second in Iraq and dedicated to HIGHER PRICES FOR ALL!

By the way, ever notice how John McCain hates being compared to Bush! It is getting to him and it is working!

However it should be pointed out, that John McCain’s philosophy on farm subsidies MIRRORS GW BUSH’S POLICY EXACTLY So much for not being like King George! Check this out!

White House warns farm law needs “real reforms”