McClinton gas tax “holiday” boondoggle

When the going gets tough, candidates get stupid. With the economy reeling and most Americans finding it difficult to keep up with their bills and expenses, Sen. McCain comes up with one of the most hare-brained ideas of the season, only to be joined in this non-solution by his alter-ego, Sen. Clinton.

On first blush to those who have never learned to think, it might sound like a good idea to suspend federal gas taxes during the summer as a way to reduce the cost of driving. But if you still have any cognitive ability, you would see it as the bullpucky that Sen. Obama sees.

McCain seems to have dropped any pretense of fiscal conservatism by failing to include any way of recovering the drop in federal gas taxes thereby further driving us into debt, which of course, is the problem in the first place.

At least Sen. Clinton had the foresight to include a provision passing the payment of the gas tax on to the gasoline producers. This proves she is a clever politician and a dimwit at economics.

The entire concept is dependent upon the producers not raising their prices to fill in the void left by the uncollected gas tax. When was the last time we saw these companies practice that kind of price restraint? Let me take a guess — never!

So the federal government suspends the gas tax, the price of gas goes up to meet the demand which will undoubtedly increase and outpace supply, so the price of gas will be the same for the consumer and we will be a nation further in debt.

This kind of brilliance at economics certainly confirms McCain’s self pronounced lack of knowledge, experience and understanding. I must admit I am somewhat surprised that Sen. Clinton fell for it however.

Neither Clinton nor McCain seem to understand that only by reducing our overall debt — public and private — can we provide any sustainable solution to the economic crisis. Yet another rate drop by the Fed only makes it worse in that it helps create the same conditions that got us in this mess.

Where oh where is a real fiscal conservative? While I deplore most of the conservative agenda, on one point they are right — we must turn around our addiction to debt at the level of government, and just as much so on a personal level.

We cannot spend our way out of this. We cannot give more away to get out of it. We have to collectively tighten our belts, learn some fiscal responsibility, and tell the gamblers who now run the world economy that we have had enough of their voodoo economics.


  1. mitchigann

    If any change is to be made in gas taxes, it ought to be to raise them. Sure, that won’t get anyone elected president or anything else, but it makes logical sense, at least. The idea is to cut consumption of oil, right? So raise the gas taxes until consumption starts to drop, and then use the new monies the same way they do in Europe — to fund mass transit. Of course, that isn’t the American way.  You won’t get anywhere politically in this country by raising taxes for the public good and threatening the Sacred Institution of the Private Car. But at least no one could accuse you of pandering to the voters.

    Mitch at

  2. SEAL

    My, my, look at all those foreign automobiles Our loyal american oil producers own. But I was flattered that the one who owned american chose the exact same model Chevy suburban I have.

  3. Jim C

    Pollchecker , actually what they are preposing is just the opposite of ” throwing money at the problem ” . The result would be further reducing of funds for neccessary upkeep on the federal highway system and bridge repair . You’ll never see republicans or conservatives throwing money at any thing or project that is in the public good or interest . The only place they ever try to channel money is into the pockets of those who need it the least . The public good is simply not what they’re all about . This is simply a ruse to cut infrastructure funding .

  4. pollchecker

    This gas tax is a very bad idea. It won’t bring any substantial relief and it will make a bad problem EVEN WORSE!

    $28 per family is what it amounts too. That won’t pay for diddly squat. This is the kind of trick that George would do. Throw money at the problem like it will solve something.

    This tax rebate won’t solve squat. And a tax holiday in the middle of summer will make things worse, worse, worse.

    Senator Clinton and Senator McCain are political hacks that will sell their souls to win this election.

    At least there are a few voices of reason. Mayor Bloomberg who many had hoped would run on an independent ticket is not a big fan of this idea either. Check out what he has to say about it!

    Bloomberg Slams Clinton, McCain Gas Tax Plan

    Here is a sound byte worth playing over and over again!

    Speaking to reporters at City Hall, Bloomberg said of the gas tax holiday, “It’s about the dumbest thing I’ve heard in an awful long time, from an economic point of view. We’re trying to discourage people from driving and we’re trying to end our energy dependence … and we’re trying to have more money to build infrastructure.”

    Senator Clinton says it will only cost 9 BILLION DOLLARS which she will get from the oil industry profits. It’s not going to happen this year because George will veto it!

    9 BILLION DOLLARS could pay for a lot of more important pressing issues in this country…like health care, housing, education, etc.

    Here is just another tidbit about the Clinton/McCain Gas plan:

    Clinton, McCain Push Gas Tax Break That May Help Oil Companies

    The way this is looking, I just gotta say it: (hahahahahahahahaha)

    Remember to reelect the Failed Policies of BUSH/MCCAIN/CLINTON in 2008! Spending $4566 per SECOND in Iraq!

  5. ekaton

    “Rather than encourage me to buy more gasoline than I do at the current $3.50 a gallon – why not entice me to purchase a car that gets 35 mpg or better with a $2,000 tax rebate, if I were to do so.”

    This would be so simple, logical and effective that of course it is never likely to happen. But it sure would work.

    — Kent Shaw

  6. OldandSlow

    Carl, thanks for the link which shows the cost of our military footprint, i.e. empire.

    After 9/11 there was a hefty write-off put into the tax code that allowed small businesses to purchase large SUVs and trucks with a very generous savings on their next tax bill. This provision is now gone, but the result was that many dentists and real estate agents bought an Escalade, four door pick up or a Hummer that normally would not have.

    The attempt to reduce the gasoline tax is nothing more than short sighted pre-election pork. Rather than encourage me to buy more gasoline than I do at the current $3.50 a gallon – why not entice me to purchase a car that gets 35 mpg or better with a $2,000 tax rebate, if I were to do so.

    In short, let’s reward those who use less fuel per mile rather than encourage consumption.

    Andrew in Austin, TX

  7. Sandra Price

    Phil, it will take a dozen fiscal conservatives in the Congress and more in the White House. We should see some change before 2020 unless we get into another war with Iran, Syria or anyone left out in the Middle East.

    The value of the American dollar has decreased thanks to Bush’s continual spending of borrowed money. He spent or promised several billion dollars to Africa which would mean a lot more to Africa if our dollar kept its value.

    Phil, the general agenda of the GOP has been completely redone to reflect the new neoconservatives who want a dictator wearing a cross. Money is the source of all evil and they will not talk about it.

  8. Jim C

    I believe another reason conservatives like Mccain want a gas tax holiday is because the funds are used for upkeep on the roads and bridges among other things . By choking off funds the highway and infrastructure would continue to deteriorate . Having a hole in funding would create a huge gap in neccessary funds . The conservatives would then jump up and down saying this shows the government can’t do anything and of course the answer is , ” privatization ” . Bush and co have been under the radar trying to sell the lunitic idea of privatizing the highway system for quite a while .
    This fits the pattern , first cut neccessary funds for a program or put an incompetent conservative in charge who doesn’t believe in government ( usually both ) . Then point to the failure of administration and poor performance as proof that government doesn’t work . This method was started under the drooling dumbass ( reagan ) and continued under this moron . It’s all part of Norquests ” starve the beast ” poison .

  9. KYJurisDoctor

    The gas tax rebate or holiday (or whatever you may want to call it) is nothing but political pandering at its WORST!

  10. pollchecker

    I am in total agreement with you. What I meant is that they throw money around as a temporaty remedy to the problem their policies have created. An example of this is the current tax rebate, etc.

  11. Ardie

    Phil, these guys have no common sense. There is no proof that suspending the tax is going to stop the price of gas from going up at the pump. The problem with rising oil prices has other causes which are not being addressed that if they were, surely the price would drop. Here is something interesting from the book, Winning the Oil Endgame:

    “The United states last paid attention to oil during 1977-85, spurred by the 1979 “second oil shock,” which raised prices even more than the 1973 Arab embargo had done. In those eight years, the United States proved it could boost its oil efficiencies faster than OPEC could cut its oil sales: the U.S. had more flexibility on the demand side than OPEC had on the supply side. While U.S. GDP rose by 27%, oil consumption fell by 17%, net oil imports fell by 50%, and net oil imports from the Persian Gulf fell by 87%.”

    What this tells me is that neither Congress nor the White House are serious about stopping our energy dependence on OPEC oil. If they were our oil imports from the Persian Gulf would fall close to 87%.

    So, what is wrong with another 55 mph maximum speed limit? Aren’t we patriotic enough to do this?

  12. Carl Nemo

    Spot-on commentary Phil Hoskins concerning this “smoke and mirrors” fix the economy scam via a gas tax holiday.

    I thought I’d supply a singular link that will allow readers see in an instant as to who’s the culprit for our national predicament. The MIC is virtually eating us alive! The cost of becoming the world policeman fighting faceless “ghost wars” against terror and drugs is mind-boggling to say the least.

    Social services costs a bunch too, but we are virtually spending more on defense than all the other nations on earth combined. At least with social services were are getting back something for our tax expenditures.

    Bushco has engineered our nation into a debt nightmare from which we will have a hard time recovering;ie., if ever…?!

    Carl Nemo **==

  13. Carl Nemo

    Thanks OldandSlow for the link. What’s interesting is the Ford Econetic is only being introduced in the Euro Union countries and Britain.

    So while the dollar is tanking, the Euro has become a currency of value.

    “We the people” are forced to drive gas guzzlers. The only economical models are made offshore in Japan and Korea. So as our dollar tanks they will become more expensive too. Why isn’t Ford and GM rolling out these Eco friendly cars that get 90 mpg in the U.S. Supposedly VW is going to roll one out in this country, but again it’s made in the Euro zone. They won’t be less expensive by any means. The way the dollar is going a sub-compact is going to cost 35g’s…!

    It’s obvious our leadership could care less about solving our energy crisis even if it’s simply through the availability of products such as this Ford. Notice the name Ford which is about as American as one can get, but they are marketing their vehicles to the Euro’s.

    People have no idea how small most of the Euro countries are in area. One can put all of Germany in the state of Washington and half of Oregon…! America is a sprawling land; the suburban structure attests to this fact. Most Americans have to commute lengthy distances every day. We need these type of vehicles that could be made in America now on our roads. I guess Ford as well as GM are part of the evil cabal that wants to destroy America too. All they can do is lay off American workers and “whine” about their inability to compete.

    Other than Germany with its high speed autobahn type connections; Europe depends on a highly sophisticated, “on time” commuter train systems. The Japanese also have efficient high speed rail systems.

    As a sidenote these people have medical care too…!?

    What do we have as a nation; ie., nada…nothing…! Oh I forgot we have a squanderous out of control MIC that’s virtually eating us alive!

    We’re nothing but tax slaves to be shorn annually of our sweat equity and creative genius all to be given away to the world at large while our congressional criminals, now simply a republicrat “politburo” continues to lie to us about their concern for our well-being…not!

    For all practical purposes America has been taken over the equivalent of the Capone gang of the 30’s or a modern day crime syndicate.

    I truly believe we are “toast” as a nation.

    Hillary and McCain will assure that it’s business as usual for all these pol/corporate criminal elements that are engaged in destroying this nation.

    Carl Nemo **==

  14. SEAL

    A true american automobile.

    I own a Chevy suburban longbed. I has the wheel cover trim package and running boards. Fog lights in front with the hunting light rack on top. A custom crash guard in front that prevents damage to my truck and reduces my insurance. The full tow package and a winch. The vortec engine has been punched out with a cold air intake system, headers, dual exhaust, etc, etc. The interior has lots of room, super sound system, extra plug ins, power windows, and evey other comfort feature you would want.

    Call it a gas guzzler if you want but this vehicle will go from 0 to 60 in 6 seconds and it gets 18 MPG as apposed to the 10-13 MPG your standard SUV models gets and 0 to 60 sometime today.

    My Chevy is a true american automobile and I will never give it up no matter the price of gas. If that makes me an asshole – so be it. I also have a Chevy Lumina. The modifdications we did to that engine increaced the gas milage from 22.5 TO 29.5 MPG. If other people would invest a little time and money in their manufactured autos they could increase their gas milage by 5 or more MPG and increase the performance of them.