McCain promises billions in spending

Republican John McCain is making promises that would cost billions of taxpayer dollars, yet he is vague about how he would pay for them.

McCain is handing around a campaign grab bag of goodies. There are little treats like a summer gas-tax holiday and new mortgages for struggling homeowners, and there are big plums like tax breaks for corporations and families with children.

The expected GOP presidential nominee has nothing on the Democrats. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama would spend billions of dollars themselves on things like paid family leave, universal health insurance and preschool for kids.

The difference? Unlike the Democrats, McCain has made a career of trying to cut spending. He rails against spending in nearly every speech. McCain gets laughs by singling out silly sounding projects like a federal DNA study of bears in Montana: “I don’t know if that was a paternity issue or a criminal issue.”

This settle it once and for all! McCain has proven beyond ANY reasonable doubt he truly is a Spend & Steal Republican!

Remember to reelect the FAILED POLICIES of BUSH/MCCAIN in 2008! Spending $4566 per second in Iraq!

That is one person’s health insurance per second. We could have paid for EVERY PERSON in America to have Health Insurance with what we are spending in Iraq!

But the rich fat cat Republicans who pay the least amount of taxes (in proportion to their incomes) and get to do whatever they want (right or wrong) are goint to keep the sheep scared out of their pants.

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