Who should McCain pick as his Vice President?

    Who should McCain pick as his Vice President?

    An almost unbeatable team would be if McCain picks Hillary. This especially since he and Bush are cutting the gas tax this summer before the election which is almost like handing the average voter $5 to vote for him.

    In Pennsylvania the liqueur stores and bars close election day to stop voters from being offered a drink for their vote. McCain could get rid of those kind of laws in time for his second term in office. However since most of us haven’t stocked up on euros and caned food, and most of our urban roofs aren’t strong enough for roof gardens, the food riots after the dollar collapses will be so bad that McCain will have to cancel the election before his second term, and those strong enough to swim will have to swim to Cuba for a bite to eat.

    It’s hard to find euros to squirrel away, but if you live in the South West there are a lot of pasos. And the value of the paso keeps rising in relation to the dollar, so pasos would be a good investment.

    For more info, Google with quotes, “How about an ordinary Joe piloting our next plane trip?”

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