I just don’t understand why anything the pastor of a man’s church says has anything to do with the man.

The only people it will really matter is a bunch of neo-cons who aren’t going to vote for Senator Obama in the first place.

This is just political propaganda and disinformation used by both Senator Clinton and Senator McCain to try and take Senator Obama down a notch.

The bullseye is always on the front runner.

The Genuises of Propaganda (GOP) and the Clintons are working together in an attempt to knock Senator Obama out of the race.

The reasons for this are obvious to anyone with a lick of sense.

Perhaps that is why a major part of the country has now tuned out for the duration of the summer. We voted. It’s out of our hands for now.

However, it should be pointed out that the American voting public is the most ADD in the world. By the time the conventions come around, summer will be over and the American people will tune back in and all this ridiculous stuff will be long gone onto some important issues.

Oh sure, some outrageous neo-con will try to drag up old issues because they love to beat a horse to death. But once the spotlights shines on John McCain and his campaign positions, even a simpleton will see he’s so full of holes that shine a light through him and he looks like swiss cheese.

I can’t wait till the MSM turns on McCain and starts focusing hard on all his flip flopping. The man is a smorgasbord of hypocrisies.

So debate all you want over this wright stuff. I’m tuning out along with the majority of the voters in this country. I fully recognize that this is nothing but a distraction so people won’t see McCain for what he really is. It is the only way they can win in November.

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