Rev. Wright’s spastic black marching band imitation a fitting finale to his moment of TV glory.

I just watched the Wright segment that Steven Colbert chose to show on his late night show. It was him demonstrating the marching styles of what he would have you think are exclusively white college marching bands with those of Grambling and of Florida A and M.

He described the "white bands" as marching "in excellent European precision" (and obviously many of them don’t) and then got all loosey goosey and sing songy as he did a weird imitation of the jive and jazzy marching style of the mostly black college’s bands.

Watch this sitcom star wannabe here and ask yourself if he is going to go away anytime soon if he stands the slightest chance of getting further publicity.

As I wrote in my previous column (here):

… perhaps he really wants to follow in Al Sharpton’s footsteps and become a television celebrity.

Reverend Al has a list of television credits that is respectably B list, and includes genuinely funny turns as himself on shows like "Boston Legal" and has been on "Law and Order SVU".

Jeremiah, I have news for you. You’re no Reverend Al.


By now I assume that Rev. Wright has hired himself an agent both for shopping a book and for television appearances on shows like Larry King and the late night comedy shows. Organizations looking for "interesting" speakers may book him as well.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Wright has someone trying to decide if he should drop the title Reverend Wright to relabel himself as Reverend Jeremiah.

I expect that for a period of time he will be a potential ratings draw if only because of morbid curiosity about his buffoonery and what new trash he’ll spew forth from his mouth.

The next time Rev. Wright manages to get a camera focused on him, it makes as much sense to give what he says national coverage him as it does to repeatedly televise the chalk outline on the pavement after an accident victim’s body has been removed.

I only hope those who make decisions about what is newsworthy and what isn’t, and who deserves the spotlight, realize that Reverend Wright is a one trick pony whose trick it turns out was to trivialize important issues about race.

Maybe a new career as a rodeo clown in a bar with a mechanical bull would suit him best.*


* With all well deserved recognition to the amateur and professional rodeo clowns who put life and limb at risk to protect bull riders. (Link)


  1. bryan mcclellan

    I have a theological challenge for the good Rev:

    If we continue to trample upon this ground, racism and race baiting.

    We will lose the opportunity to nurture the seed of that which we seek to grow (brotherhood) and the Creators blessing, NO?

  2. danders3

    What would be a good question to ask is why this individual became an issue of a Presidential election to begin with. None of the candidates should be held accountable for what acquaintences may say or do.

    Everone has the right to express themselves. Best thing to do is laugh at the ones who get all silly and full of themselves, rejoice we have a Constitution that allows them to do such, and then move on.

    Dale Anderson

  3. sherry

    Hal, as you know I don’t support Obama. Obama went out of his way to defend Wright. I actually respected that. He was his pastor and I felt they shared a special bond.
    Wright is the jackass here. While Obama refused to throw him under the bus, Wright didn’t think twice. He has a book deal and apparently that relationship meant more to Obama than it did to Wright.
    I don’t judge Wright and his place with the Lord. That is not my right. I will say, his behavior continues to be decidedly un Christ like.
    If I didn’t know better, I would believe Wright was out to destroy Obama. Is it because Obama didn’t have him on stage at the Obama presidential announcement? Is this a grudge?
    Obama had reason to keep him off stage.
    Now, let’s get some duct tape for Wright’s mouth until after the election!! lol If Obama loses, I don’t want to be because of this. That knife in the Obamas’ back has got to be painful beyond words. Sadly, Wright still has a ton of followers and defenders. Fortunately, Obama is no longer one of them.