Why is the GOP ignoring Hillary?

As far as Republians are concerned, Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama is the nominee John McCain will face in November and Hillary Rodham Clinton is an also-ran, an afterthought worthy of neither consideration or resources to oppose.

The Republican attack machines continue to unleash broadsides on Barack Obama while ignoring Clinton. Clinton may think she still has a shot but the GOP has written her off.

Or, as some think, are they helping Clinton destroy Obama so they can face her in November?

Good question.

Reports Politico:

Hillary Clinton’s decisive Pennsylvania primary win last week may have reinvigorated her campaign, but you wouldn’t know it from listening to the Republican party.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has purchased $500,000 in anti-Barack Obama ads for use in two upcoming special House elections. The Republican National Committee is flooding reporters with anti-Obama emails. Presumptive nominee John McCain and GOP surrogates have seized on new remarks by Obama’s controversial former pastor.

From top to bottom, from McCain down to the youthful campaign and party staffers who work nearly around the clock to get him elected, the working assumption seems to be that the Democratic contest is over and Obama has won.

Even when Clinton attacks McCain, President Bush or GOP policies, the response is either outright silence or snarky, dismissive ridicule about a failed campaign barely relevant enough to merit a response.

“With ads like that, it’s more likely the call at 3 a.m. is ‘Senator, you just lost another superdelegate,’” quipped McCain adviser Steve Schmidt earlier this month when Clinton aired a version of her “3 a.m.” ad attacking McCain on the economy.


  1. DubyaGirlohio

    Republicans should save their money and just sit back. Let Hillary and Barack destroy each other and their party and the choice to vote for McCain will be even easier than it already is.

  2. DejaVuAllOver

    I don’t think it’s possible to overestimate the treachery of the GOP, but I think the truth is simply that Obama scares them more than Hillary does. Obama is all the things Republicans hate: intelligent, BLACK, articulate, compassionate, moral, BLACK, well organized, BLACK, peace loving, truthful, honest and BLACK.

    Besides, Hillary IS a Republican and as much as the GOP hates the Clinton brand, they know she won’t challenge them much on anything substantive, even if she does pull her theft of the Presidency. Hey, if Bush can do it, twice……

  3. Klaus Hergeschimmer

    Pillary Dillary Crock is getting ignored -who cares. Sir Obama of Camelot is just as scurrilous as Pillary as to what corparate entities support him. There both taking the predictable market based route to health care -in plain, non-Vulcan language, they are Gigalo/Harlot combinations for the health insurance company vultures.

    Screw them both.

    No more Lexus Liberal Democrappers!!!

    Vote Third Party.