Is Obama being punished by Wright for being too American?

    Wright’s timing appears designed to hurt Obama, especially the portion of his interview with Moyers where he shouts “…Barack HUSSEIN Obama Barack HUSSEIN Obama Barack HUSSEIN Obama… ” Was this worked into his talk under the guise of what’s wrong with the media but was actually designed as a damaging sound byte itself?

    Theory: Wright really is a racist. Wright really is connected with Farrakhan. Wright got close to Obama years ago in order to mold him for something else, like the Manchurian Candidate. But Obama would not be used that way. He was the rare man whose time had come to unite America. How dare he defy the people behind Wright? Is Wright’s ranting really “We’ll show him who’s boss!!”

    In watching Wright’s speeches, though he decries the media’s “looping of snippets,” it’s apparent that he has designed snippets to be used in a nefarious way. They smack of hatred for Obama. A kind of revenge. Were he for Obama, he’d never have repeatedly said his name (as in the first paragraph above). He MEANT for that to be looped right along with more of his “GD America” sermon.

    At first, I thought the Clintons had paid Wright to do this, but now I believe it to be even more sinister than that.

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