Remember the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life?” After Jimmy Stewart’s character comes back to Bedford Falls in a world where he was never born not only the name of the town are different but the people of the town are completely different. The townspeople once happy and caring are bitter and vicious. Fear and resentment were prevalent in their behavior. Instead of helping each other they attacked each other.

It reminds me of the way Americans are acting now. Instead of being helpful to each other Americans seem to be playing the “Gotcha” game. Rudeness is accepted as normal behavior. Indeed rudeness is expected and those who are not rude are assailed and seen to be weak.

No good deed seems to go unpunished. Those who attack people weaker than themselves are regarded as heroes. Self interest rules supreme in America. Our leaders work for no one but themselves. Leaders of industry are paying themselves hundreds of millions of dollars while bankrupting the companies they work for. Political leaders seem so obsessed with personal attacks on their opponents they are blind to the damage being done to the country.

I have a theory about societies. No society can exist unless the people of that society are willing to care for and help each other.

It is time for Americas to grow up stop attacking each other like six year old children and start caring for and helping each other. If we don’t this wonderful dream called America will not long survive. This change will have to begin within each of us. It looks like our leaders are too self absorbed to start the process.

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