Not only can you Not have Health Insurance but the Govt is killing you with Cancer

White House undermines EPA on cancer risks, GAO says

The Bush administration is undermining the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to determine health dangers of toxic chemicals by letting nonscientists have a bigger _ often secret _ role, congressional investigators say in a report obtained by The Associated Press.

The administration’s decision to give the Defense Department and other agencies an early role in the process adds to years of delay in acting on harmful chemicals and jeopardizes the program’s credibility, the Government Accountability Office concluded.

It’s bad enough that 1/6 th of the entire population of the USA doesn’t have health insurance. Now we find out that the govt is helping industry poison the population. Oh that’s right. We already knew that they are pouring drugs down the drain so they end up in the drinking water. They are poisoning the food sources through various methods. And now they are aiding and abetting industry in poisoning the planet.

See where this HUGE massive bureaucracy has gotten us?

Are there any attorneys out there that can answer a question for me……? “Can we sue the Federal govt?”


  1. Sandra Price

    Pollchecker, it would be interesting to know how many in the Congress are aware of this poisoning.

  2. pollchecker

    Probably About as many that were aware of the truth in October 2002 when they voted to give GW permission to invade another country. You remember what happened to those who stood up for the truth, right? They got voted out of office or shoved into lesser positions where their words could be trivilalized and politicized by paid Republican disinformationalists.

    If that is not bad enough, how much money will they pay these candidates to just not pay attention to the truth?
    No, instead they feel it is a priority to legislate an individual’s right to sue for redress when they have been damaged.

    They are slowly but surely tearing up plank in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, one plank at a time, bit by bit.

  3. pollchecker

    More proof that the govt is making us sick, or worse…killing us. Check out this study.

    Study says FDA allowed risky tests of blood substitutes

    Experimental blood substitutes raised the risk of heart attack and death, yet U.S. regulators allowed human testing to continue despite warning signs, says a scathing new report.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration fell short, the report contends, even as red flags popped up during studies by five biotech companies. Rules barred the agency from releasing company trade secrets, and that kept some information hidden and may have led to unnecessary heart attacks and deaths, wrote the authors, who are government scientists and consumer advocates.

    “There shouldn’t be secret science,” said the lead author of the report, Dr. Charles Natanson, of the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center. Safety data need “to be made public expeditiously so science can build on the mistakes” of previous research, he said.

    You see this is how these massive bureaucracies DO NOT WORK! Need more proof? Read on….

    “The FDA knows more than anyone at any of the individual companies, but they may not know the whole story,” Hoffman said. “There may be information withheld from the FDA.”

    Imagine a company with holding information from the FDA. Oh that’s right, it is a regular occurence. Why don’t they stop it? Because they don’t have the ability either through funding or man power to do it right!

    But we can still spend $4566 per second in Iraq on Bush’s failed policies which McCain supports. Don’t forget that is more important that keeping you alive and well and safe.