Did The US photoshop Syrian Nuke photos?

Did The US Photoshop Syrian Nuke Photos?

Interesting article in the LA Times today. GW and his Bushie crew have gone above and beyond their standard batch of lies, to create a new piece of fictional disinformation. Even the graphic designers and illustrators seem to agree with the author.

Professor William Beeman at the University of Minnesota passed along a note today from “a colleague with a U.S. security clearance” about the mysterious Syrian site targeted in a Sept. 6 Israeli airstrike.

The note raises more questions about the evidence shown last week by U.S. intelligence officials to lawmakers in the House and Senate.

I guess GW and his administration thinks we are all a bunch of dummies that can’t tell the difference between a real picture and a fake picture.

The Republican party has truly become nothing but a bunch of lying, manipulative Genuises of Propaganda that will do anything to go to war! Apparently the Military Industrial Complex has bought them, lock, stock and barrel. And John McCain supports them all!

Remember to reelect the failed policies of Bush/McCain in 2008! Spending $4566 per SECOND in Iraq!


  1. ekaton

    The same sorts of doctored photos were shown by the lying Colin Powell in order to build a case for war in Iraq. It worked then, why shouldn’t it work now?

    — Kent Shaw

  2. pollchecker

    There is an old saying!

    Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!

    We cannot afford another phony war!

  3. ekaton

    I thought that went, “Fool me once (pause) shame on (pause) shame on me. Fool me twice (pause) can’t get fooled again.

    I think Bush actually DID know the exact saying, but since he is constitutionally (pun intended) incapable of accepting shame or blame, he decided to edit at the last second.

    — Kent Shaw