In government, nothing is sacred

Signed into law April 24, 2008, the oh-so innocent sounding Newborn Screening Saves Lives Act of 2007 establishes a national database of newborn DNA.

This law establishes collection and warehousing of newborn DNA for scientific research and requires no parental consent or knowledge.

As reported by Minnesota state health department, 42,210 of the 780,000 children whose DNA have been taken have been subjected to genetic research.

As usual, the government tells us that they are looking out for our best interests and have the utmost concern for our health and safety.

In this age of bio-engineering and designer diseases engineered to attack individuals or groups based on genetic differences, is this the kind of wholesale control of the population’s genetic makeup we want to transfer to the government?

Well, it is too late. It is the law now, and no hospital will forego the government largesse that accompanies their complicity.

As usual, as we continue to be transfixed by the hysterical presidential campaigns, the Democrat Congress and the Republican President joined forces to strip away the most personal of privacies. The very essence of your being.

As usual again, one Representative stood in opposition to this bill. You can view his statement before the House below.


  1. Sandra Price

    This was started years ago and came to a halt when many babies did not match the DNA with the fathers. Here we go again trying to label every American to be put in the federal data base that will also contain health records, civic records, Felony records, tax and school records.

    Good for Ron Paul. What a shame the people didn’t recognize his worth for the 2008 election. We will never see his kind again. Most Americans have no interest in their privacy laws.

  2. griff

    Truly a remarkable man, even by today’s standards.

    There are many that did recognize not only his value but the value of his ideas and how he derived them. We continue to fight to have those ideas heard and respected once again. It’s a tough sell when you can’t get on TV, even when you’re running for President.

    At the very core our government is oppression disguised as benevolence. We need to understand that the “American Dream” can’t be manufactured by the government, and our stubborn faith in their ability to deliver is grossly unwarranted.

  3. Sandra Price

    I fear that we are fighting a losing battle. I’ve been there before in 1964 when many Republicans refused to vote for Goldwater. Many thought he was a Jew, many thought he was a war monger and many wanted a more secure and socialized government. In my world, America started the march for Socialism at that time.

    What will it take to get Americans to take responsibility for their own actions? We seem to roll over when D.C. speaks and we are rolling off a cliff.

    I took me time to follow Paul’s agenda when the GOP decided that only a devout Christian could ever be elected. That debate where all the candidates were asked if they believed in evolution stunned me when even Paul raised his hand indicating he did not. It put the icing on the cake exactly where the GOP stood.

    We are seeing today with Rev. Wright, the insanity that lives in an ober Christian mind. We are indeed a nation of faithful sheep.

  4. griff

    I’m glad that you can differentiate between Paul’s belief in evolution and the GOP’s pandering to the “Christian” right, the difference being Paul’s insistence that personal beliefs on either side of the fence shouldn’t be a campaign or a governmental issue at all.

    I invite you to view this video interview of Tom DeLay at the Christians United for Israel conference.