‘Bored’ Obama tired of Clinton tactics

A “bored” Barack Obama is changing his campaign style to try and woo back working class voters and put Hillary Rodham Clinton away so he concentrate on running against presumptive Republican Presidential nominee John McCain.

Aides say Obama is sick and tired of dealing with Clinton and her constant attacks and wants the primary process over.

His campaign strategists believe they can do that with wins in both Indiana and North Carolina next week.

Reports The New York Times:

Senator Barack Obama is making subtle changes to his campaign style and message in an effort to strengthen his appeal to blue-collar voters and to avoid a defeat in Indiana that aides fear could give Democratic Party leaders further pause about his viability in a general election.

On Sunday, Mr. Obama went to a Methodist church in Indianapolis, the kind of event rarely on his public schedule. He suited up for a game of basketball on Friday night before television cameras. And the big, energy-filled stadium rallies that were the bread and butter for most of his campaign have once again given way to smaller town-hall-style meetings, where he is seen talking with people and not at them.

Mr. Obama is seeking to absorb the lessons of his defeat in Pennsylvania. The changes reflect concern that he is being portrayed by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton as distant and culturally out of touch with many working-class Democrats, a worry underlined by her lopsided victory among many of those voters in that state on Tuesday and last month in Ohio.

Mr. Obama, in an appearance with Chris Wallace broadcast over the weekend on “Fox News Sunday,” played down his problems among blue-collar voters, saying that Mrs. Clinton had done better in part because “they are less familiar with me than they are with her, and so we probably have to work harder.”

“I’ve got to be more present,” he said. “I’ve got to be knocking on more doors. I’ve got to be hitting more events. We’ve got to work harder because although it’s flipped a little bit, we’ve always been the underdog in this race.”

In interviews with several associates and aides, Mr. Obama was described as bored with the campaign against Mrs. Clinton and eager to move into the general election against Senator John McCain of Arizona, the presumptive Republican nominee.

So the Obama campaign is undertaking modifications in his approach intended to inject an air of freshness into his style.


  1. ekaton

    Deja, I’d be willing to bet that not 1% of the country really knows how dire the straits are that we find ourselves in. Most who do realize it remain in blissful denial.

    We are on the verge of a rampant inflation that is going to destroy all of our savings, our pensions, everything. Its going to be on the scale of 10% a day or worse as has happened to some of the South American countries over the decades and Germany after WWI.

    EVERY single move by the FED contributes to inflation. This MUST be by design. NO ONE is that stupid. They are constantly lowering interest rates when they should be raising them. They are using your tax dollars to bail out private business, socializing the costs and risks, and privatizing the profits. The oil industry is given $15 billion dollars in tax credits, your money, in spite of record profits every quarter and gasoline will be $4/gallon at the pump, probably before I finish this sentence.

    It is fraud on a massive scale and all legal because big business and big money own, literally own, the politicians. I find myself having less and less respect for “the law” and I, too, plan from now on to get away with as much as I can, simply following the example of big business and big government. Our leaders in both government and the private sector have taught me that crime indeed does pay.

    — Kent Shaw

  2. Jenifer D.

    Dirty Birdies

    Billary sold its soul to the highest bidder in hell to get where it is. I feel for Barack Obama; the color of his skin is irrelevent, however, the content of his character is what counts, IMHO. I’ve taken notice over the years how the people with the power to change the system for the better of others don’t do it because somehow either they or their friends benefit from the broken system; like our elected officials. How many of them, currently in office, do you all suppose have sizeable investments in these defense companies like KBR and Big Oil that are in Iraq reaping enormous profits that they do not pay taxes on??

    Our elected officials have truly lost sight of what their job is, they think they’re just occupying that elected position to make money for themselves and their friends, nothing else. The only effective way to change this is to force the voters will on these hacks; I have not ruled out the ‘Dirty Diapers for Congress’ campaign. How would a congressman or senator react to a bunch of angry voters camped out on their front lawn, or on their street, demanding they resign or risk being tarred and feathered? Power in numbers folks.

  3. griff

    Aww, shucks. Poor Barack, can’t take the heat in the political kitchen. Please, by all means, drop out now. End this charade.

    And this is the man to face down the tyrants of the world? He can’t even handle the primaries. What a weak and whiny excuse for leadership.

  4. Jenifer D.

    A Stronger Man

    Can walk away from a fight. If Barack has the decorum to walk away from a fight, then he’s the stronger man than Billary, who sees fit to pick fights with every other man on the political playground.

  5. Ardie

    Let’s hope the Hoosiers remember who helped destroy their economy with free-trade, trading America’s good jobs and manufacturing for Mao-Marts. It was Bill Clinton who was President in 1995 and allowed this to happen.

    Keep in mind that free-trade is not win-win. It is more this way: some will lose-some will win. Even Karl Marx [1848] understood this who viewed free-trade as a means to revolution because “the free-trade system is destructive”. There are, in fact, many losers in free trade who tend to be at the bottom of the wage ladder while there are only a few winners who tend to be large international corporations.

    While the promises of benefits from free-trade have been many and sustained, such promises come from those who benefit the most, namely, large international corporations. For the many who have to make it on subsistent wages there is little prosperity and happiness. The promises are all but lies. Free-trade only makes conquerors and the vanquished.

  6. Jenifer D.

    No big surprise

    If I was Obama, I’d be sick and tired of Billary’s crap too! I’m amazed at how far some folks will go to win an election, even if they are not morally or ethically fit to fill the position. Billary is pulling tactics similar to a high school student council election; make your opponent look as bad as possible, spread rumors, tell stories, and buy off as many people as possible because everybody has their price.

    I’m sick of this election already as it is and it hasn’t even started yet. Grown people acting like small children when they cannot get their way!

  7. Elmo

    I was bored with this election before the Iowa caucuses. The Clinton campaign has done an excellent job of playing to the sound-bite oriented media which would rather cover a manufactured controversy than present actual news content.

  8. Sandra Price

    I am not bored with anything that builds a possible new American movement. We now can see a division within the Democratic Party based on pure hate. Hillary hates anything or anyone who dares to step on her demands. She is a liar and a poor example of economic programs. She treats the voters like idiots who have no minds of their own.

    I like the debates and the probability of a black President. Obama thinks on his feet with fewer mistakes than madam Hillary. I am sick of the corruption in our White Male Christian members of the government. It is obvious that Hillary is destroying the party to prepare herself for 2012 after McCain blows the whole thing apart.

    There is not a candidate running who would get my vote in November. I hope the GOP is blown out of the water in November and the RNC is kicked out of politics taking Karl Rove and any remaining Bushs who dare to cause the deaths of so many Americans while screaming they are pro-life.

    Only with the total defeat of the GOP do we have a chance to design a second party for the balance we need in D.C. There is basically nothing wrong with a 2-party system unless both overlook the freedoms and rights of the people.

  9. ekaton

    History is made. I totally agree with every sentence in your post. To that I would add that the Clintons seem to feel a sense of entitlement to the presidency, as though it is “her turn”. I find this insufferable.

    — Kent Shaw

  10. LurkingFromTheLeft

    Since this has been going on

    …forever, please refresh my memory –

    …is it 2012 yet?


  11. bryan mcclellan

    Sorry Lefty, the race for 2012 starts Jan 21, 09, or war with Iran, whichever takes precedent with the media and MIC.

    No Neck MSM sons of bitches and slack jawed politicians will surely love to drool over the wasteland they will bring about with the new world ODOR.

    Boredom is their device, spreading apathy to rule the populous the weapon of choice.


  12. LurkingFromTheLeft

    Oh thanks for clearing THAT

    …one up –

    …you mean the OBLITERATION of Iran – because we can?


    P.S. I really wish I could get ANY of the media – MS or not – to take Turbo’s candidacy seriously but no dice!

  13. ekaton

    bryan, you end a lot of your posts with “PMFOT’s”. Please excuse my ignorance and let us know what the acronym represents. Thanks.

    — Kent Shaw

  14. Wayne K Dolik

    Obama has every right in the world to skip this debate. Do you know why?

    It is because Hillary has refused to debate several candidates in her New York Senate races. The Clinton campaign is running on financial fumes. It only makes sense for Obama to not give the Clinton campaign any freer airtime to manipulate Obama with Clinton “insiders” as we have recently seen in the last debate. Bravo Obama!

    Reverend Wright made Hillary look like a fool last night. He spoke truth to power from his faith and his church. If it takes a village, are they supposed to be all white? We need to accept the fact that people are different. Live and let live is my personal philosophy.

    This starts with attacks on the Black Church by Clinton and her Main Stream Minions. And. It is far from over unless we as Americans reject this out of hand. We need to say enough of this nonsense.

    Clinton we are told won by double digits in the Penn. Primary. That is a bold face lie. Corporate Media should be called to account for this Fraud. One of the writers for the Huffington Post recently pointed this out in a well-written piece. One, Robert Creamer wrote the article. It’s titled “ Hillary Clinton Won The Penn. Primary, But Lost The War For The Nomination”. Rather than claiming a double digit victory the story should have been, Hillary didn’t close the gap.

    See. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robert-creamer/last-night-clinton-won-th_b_98164.html

    Clinton won Penn. By a mere 9.2%. It is well documented by the State of Penn’s website, but media insists on 10% plus in their all out assault on Barak Obama. This is a Fraud and a lie and should be investigated by proper authorities. This should include the FCC and the Federal Election authorities.

    The American Press is a joke. They would do Pravda proud!

  15. knockknock

    Hillary has made no secret of the fact she’s running a “psychological campaign.” That means she’s not only demanding our vote, she’s demanding our surrender to her will. It’s not a pleasant thing to hate the sound of another person’s voice, their look, their personality — but that’s how I feel about her.

    If anyone saw Michelle Obama’s [Friday] talk on CSpan, which I saw last night [Sunday], she’ll make a great first lady. She took the time to “explain” Obama. She used words like “decent,””honest,” “good.” They’re old-fashioned words, no longer used in politics, and it was uplifting to hear them again.

    I hope America sees that Obama represents all of us and that other nations will come to realize that America is still what it has always stood for, a place of tolerance, intelligence, and liberty.

  16. Janet


    Be careful what you wish for. Google “2012” and see what you get. This Youtuber has put it all together in a video.


    It may all be nonsense, but have you noticed that there HAS been an increase in earthquakes worldwide? They are more frequesnt and bigger too, like 7.5 and 8.2. We can already see the glaciers melting faster than anyone thought.

  17. LurkingFromTheLeft

    Thanks for the cheery thoughts –

    …guess I should start drinking the wines instead of just saving them –

    …btw, where was the frame with increased and outrageous corporate greed?


  18. DejaVuAllOver

    The probability of this country surviving it’s own rancid filth until 2012 is about as high as Hillary Clinton getting hit by a flying saucer while praising Obama’s accomplishments and denouncing judeo-christian racism and warfare.

  19. bryan mcclellan

    I like so many of us have family in the military Kent and it’s a means to remind me to Pray Mightily For Our Troops. Please if you will, all our Brave soldiers so need to be in our hearts and minds, take a moment in the course of the day. Thanks BM

  20. Janet

    LOL…I guess that wasn’t part of the Mayan prophecy.

    Look at the bright side…if the world ends 12.21.2012, there will be no Hillary (or Romney) as President. It’s before the inauguration.

    Chug that wine like it’s 1968.