Cindy Sheehan, during her first weeks of her crusade seriously tried to meet with President Bush. Can’t others try to talk to, not at the President?

Why haven’t more renowned people like Jimmy Carter (unless privately) ever actually tried to lobby Bush in a friendly positive way.

Bush as Governor of Texas helping Gringos and Mexicans get along, but vowed to himself never to pardon anyone. Sadly this meant as President he refused Saddam’s offer to leave Iraq if Saddam could take his fortune with him.

Perhaps now that Bush pardoned Libby, Bush might be open to others as well.

Maybe it’s time to lobby Bush to forgive Raúl Castro for what his brother did, and to make more reasonable pardon decisions in his last day in office than President Clinton did.

Cindy Sheehan please try again and maybe get Jimmy Carter and the Dalai Lama to join you in a joint effort to visit with Bush.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks Mr. President, for things it’s awkward to talk about