I heard a good joke today

I come from Texas where the BIG news is all about the polygamy sect in West Texas.

Apparently, there is a group of people who are outraged the govt didn’t act fast enough and allowed these minors to be sexually abused.

Then there is a group of people who think that the govt crossed over a line by removing the children from their home.

And then there is the rest of us who really don’t care as long as we don’t have to pay for all of this…..which of course, we will.

But on to the joke…..

I heard a local legal news analyst refer to the Constitution, specifically talking about the 4th Amendment and probable cause as they relate to this case.

I just had to laugh. What Constitution? What Bill of Rights? They are no longer applicable. Didn’t he know that?

Oh that’s right. He’s a law professor. He’s talking about theory, not practice.

Well, in theory we are suppose to have rights and the govt is suppose to be limited in its rights. But that’s not the reality, is it?

The reality is the govt lies and gets away with whatever they like while they screw the sheep.

GW has shown that the Constitution is just a damn piece of paper that doesn’t mean a thing. From here it only get’s worse.

President McCain is going to load the Supreme Court with more Federalist judges which will give the govt even more power.

By 2020, we will look more like the United States of the Soviet Republic aka USSR!

I say the only option left, is buy up West Texas and secede before its too late.

Probable cause….yeah what a joke! Don’t they know police lie and can do whatever they want and get away with it just like the rest of the govt.


  1. Sandra Price

    I consider this a Texas State issue. We have the same lack of law and order in Arizona. By allowing the Mormons their freedoms, the children are the victims. We might be able to stop the incest and child abuse in the Mormon wards but we often overlook the American homes where this continues and is the reason so many abortions are absolutely necessary.

    Christians love the thought of hell and damnation as it thrills them knowing everything is forgiven, even the harm they do to the innocent children.

  2. Ted Remington

    Quiz for the day:

    How many of the people who live on the YFZ Ranch are guilty of polygamy?

    The answer is: none. To be guilty of polygamy a person must be legally married to more than one living spouse at any particular point in time. So far as I can determine, none of the supposed “marriages” that occurred on the ranch are the subject of a marriage license, ergo, from the point of view of Texas statutes such marriages do not exist.

    These marriages are sacramental only, and are the exact equivalent of a sacramental marriage of two gay men or two gay women.

    But fear not. Texas statutes require that there be a registration of every birth and every death, and those people who have a duty to register such an event are guilty of a misdemeanor:


    (a) A person commits an offense if the person refuses or fails to furnish correctly any information in the person’s possession affecting a certificate or record required under this title.

    (b) A person commits an offense if the person fails, neglects, or refuses to fill out a birth or death certificate and to file the certificate with the local registrar or deliver it on request to the person with the duty to file it, as required by this title.

    (c) A local registrar, deputy registrar, or subregistrar commits an offense if that person fails, neglects, or refuses to perform a duty under this title or under instructions and directions of the state registrar given under this title.

    (d) An offense under this section is a Class C misdemeanor.

    (e) In this section, “person” means an individual,
    corporation, or association.

    If there existed birth certificates for these 400 plus children the state would have neither reason nor cause to stick their noses in to the extent they have done, but the state is responsible for ensuring its laws are carried out faithfully.

    I would really love to know what happened in 2000 when the census people came around to the YFZ Ranch or any of the other places where such shenanigans were going on.

    The same thing applies to death certificates. I have heard it whispered that the vast majority of the children taken from the YFZ Ranch were female, and that authorities were looking for gravesites that they fear contain the bodies of many newborn male infants.

    I stress that the prior paragraph is based on whisperings I have heard, and I have seen only one very passing reference on CNN to the existence of the infant graveyard.

    But if it is true that the vast majority of the children taken from the ranch were female, it raises the question of what happened to all the males.

    So it’s possible and I stress possible that these people may be guilty of infanticide. Do we need another reason to take away the children or will they argue that it’s not right to take them away because the people there aren’t going to kill females, only males?


  3. pollchecker

    I find it even more interesting that something that is written as making a point about what a joke our constitution has become is commented on regarding the issue that got me thinking initially and not the point of the blog. Does that make any sense? Or is it just another run on sentence that can be twisted like playdoh into any dang thing you want it to be?

  4. Ted Remington


    This is what you said in the last paragraph of your blog post:

    “Probable cause….yeah what a joke! Don’t they know police lie and can do whatever they want and get away with it just like the rest of the govt.”

    My post merely explores my view that there was indeed probable cause for the actions the State of Texas has taken so far in this matter of the alternative-lifestyle cult at YFZ Ranch.


  5. Sandra Price

    I would like Ted Remington to read a book called “Under the Banner of Heaven” by Krakauer. This is the history of the Mormons in America. I know that he speaks the truth because my own family was part of the belief and the migration. It is just another band of Christians who thumb their nose at State laws. Utah would not have become a state until they banned multiple marriages. Of course it is everyman’s dream to bop a new woman every night. What got me out of the church was their bigotry and racism that only white men would be allowed in the Temple Priesthood.

    If anyone knows the history of this religion, you will see that God ordered the deaths of many innocent people who failed the church.

    I’m sorry Pollchecher but Ted Remington is making an issue of our differences.

  6. pollchecker

    Here’s the thing…..you, me and Ted represent the 3 groups I was intially talking about.

    But that was not the point of the blog. The point of the blog was what a joke our “Constitutional Rights” have become.

    I guess I just don’t tell a good joke, sandra (grin)!

  7. pollchecker

    You are correct. As I said initially, there are 3 points of views regarding that matter….ALL VALID!

    It’s just that when the lawyer started slinging around words like Constitutional rights and 4th Amendment that I just had to laugh.

    I don’t care where you live or what the issue is. GW & Company have made it crystal clear that there is no such thing as a rule of law, etc.

    Ironically these are the same people who were proclaiming the opposite point of view just a short decade ago. I know there is a word for that…………………ah,ha, I’ve got it…..HYPOCRITE!

    There is no such thing as probably cause if police can just lie and get away with it. And that is what is happening in the REAL world. Maybe not on the TV world….but that is what is happening to REAL people EVERY day.

    I gotta work on this joke thing (hahahahahahahahahah)

  8. griff

    Since we’re in a joke telling mood today, here’s one that I heard recently.

    A man dies, and arrives at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter appears, and informs the man of a new system they’re trying out for entry into heaven.

    Basically, we will start allowing each person that dies, one day in heaven, and one day in hell, and after that, the person can decide where he would like to spend eternity.

    “That’s fair enough” said the man.

    So the man chose to visit hell first. When he arrived, he was greeted by many of his friends and family. The weather was perfect, and the man spent his day in hell playing golf, catching up with old friends, and doing a little partying. Generally having a good time.

    The next day, he visited heaven. Heaven was fine, if a little boring. He knew less people, but the ones he met were fine enough. A lot of song and dance, but otherwise fairly boring.

    Finally, the time came for the man to decide. “Well, he said, heaven was fine, but I think I’d like to go to hell.”

    “Very well, said St. Peter”, and off the man went to hell.

    When the man arrived in hell, things were very much different than when he first visited. Gone were the manicured golf courses and bright sunshine, replaced with piles of human wreckage and burning brimstone.

    After a few minutes, the man ran into one of his friends, and asked “hey pal, what happened to all the good times we had the other day?”

    To which his friend replied, “Ah, the other day we were campaigning, today we won!”

  9. pollchecker

    Yep, it is all one big joke for a hand full of rich corporate fat cats to sit back and make money on. I heard the term corporate facism in reference to the good old USA recently.

    Seems applicable. Just one big joke meant to entertain and subdue the sheep while they are getting it in the rear and loving every minute of it.

  10. Jenifer D.

    Good Jokes

    However when a rich man makes jokes at the expense of the 100 poor people he’s sitting in the same room with, the punchline ends with a serious ass-kicking where the rich man winds up in the hospital with life-threatening injuries and the 100 poor people say they didn’t see a thing. My point? There are more of us ‘po’ folks’ than there are rich folks, so, they had best be prepared for the well-deserved ass-kicking when the American economy goes tits-up.

  11. griff

    Not sure I understand what your point is. I’m a rich fat cat or something?

    If the first time you heard of corporate fascism is just recently, you have a lot of catching up to do.

    As far as being a sheep, I would have to say that maybe you should snap out of your Obama-trance and ask yourself who the real sheep are.

  12. Paolo

    As a libertarian, I have mixed feelings about the FLDS. First, the negative:

    1) They are unrepentant welfare junkies. Each FLDS family collects welfare for each mother and child. This means that other citizens pay for their chosen lifestyle.

    2) They may be “marrying” under-age girls as young as 16. However, many states allow marriage at 16 (I think Arizona, where I live, is one of them) with consent of the parents, or as young as 15, with consent of a judge. Thus, if the mother of a 16 year old consented to the “marriage” there may be no law broken.

    Then, there’s the “neutral”:

    1) They engage in polygamy. So the heck what? If all parties to a polygamous marriage are there voluntarily, their lifestyle if their own affair.

    2) They belong to what outsiders consider a “strange religion.” Again, so what? So what if they wear weird clothes in their temple ceremonies, believe God lives on planet Kanab, or even stand on their heads? That’s their business.

    Then, there’s the “positive”:

    1) These mothers obviously love their children, and want them back. Supposedly, the mothers were the “victims” of this system (if you buy the jack-booted thug rhetoric of the law enforcement community) fully as much as the children. So why not let the mothers have their children again, especially when they have agreed to take the children out of the FLDS community?

    2) No children have died at the FLDS community. In foster care, lots of children die–of abuse, sexual and otherwise. Check the record on the Texas foster care system. So we are taking children from a community where they are safe, to a foster care system, in which they aren’t.

    3) You may have noticed that these FLDS wear 19th century clothes. Okay, that’s a little odd. But would you rather have them dress like our media goddesses, Britney and Paris?

    4) The children don’t watch TV. Thus, they are not exposed to the sex-crazed, rape-crazed, murder-crazed media. They don’t get to watch MTV soft porn. They don’t get to watch CSI, where virtually every episode involves rape and murder, with investigators having lengthy discussions about semen and sado-masochism.

    5) The children are polite, respectful, well-fed, free of ADHD, free of obesity. They eat only natural foods they themselves raise. They grind their own wheat, milk their own cows, tend their own gardens. Can’t have that in our FOX NEWS dominated culture!

  13. pollchecker

    Your observations are spot on. But again, it was not the point.

    The point was that they were/are attempting to use the Constitution and the 4th Amendment in their defense and that is the joke.

    But the joke is on them because there no longer are any Constitutional rights or 4th amendment rights courtesy of people like Bush and McCain and others just like them.

    So they can just get in line with their complaints about their rights being abridged by our govt.

  14. Ted Remington

    You said:

    “1) They are unrepentant welfare junkies. Each FLDS family collects welfare for each mother and child. This means that other citizens pay for their chosen lifestyle.”

    Please cite an authority for this statement. The sheriff of the county said he was surprised that there were perhaps three times as many children there as what he had been told by the FLDS people. Apparently not one of them has a birth certificate, hence the mad scramble to do DNA analysis on the whole lot of them. NO welfare system in the world is going to provide welfare benefits in the absence of the proof of legal existence of the child.

    You also said: “2) No children have died at the FLDS community. In foster care, lots of children die–of abuse, sexual and otherwise. Check the record on the Texas foster care system. So we are taking children from a community where they are safe, to a foster care system, in which they aren’t.”

    Please cite your authority for the statement in the first sentence. Also I’d like to know what you mean by “lots” in the second sentence. I’ve got a fiver that says you cannot support either main statement. And I’ll give you two to one odds. Heck, I feel magnanimous, make it a ten spot and I’ll give you three to one odds.


  15. Jenifer D.

    Interesting observation

    1) They are unrepentant welfare junkies. Each FLDS family collects welfare for each mother and child. This means that other citizens pay for their chosen lifestyle.

    I was not aware of that! I was wondering how these people made their money.

  16. JerZGirl

    Regarding the “welfare junkies”, in Utah, the vast majority of the plural families DO collect welfare and/or food stamps. They regularly claim the father is absent and non-supporting. Tom Green of pre-Olympic days was one example. Others were discussed in the news afterwards. However, those who were moved to this compound were hand-picked by Jeffs, for reasons unknown. No one knows the criteria. Some children were taken while their families remained in Utah. Some boys were removed from the society entirely and are living in halfway homes being provided just for the estranged children of this group. Jeffs ordered that all children be removed from school. They are home taught, if they are taught at all. (I am NOT anti-home schooling.) The boys who were dismissed from their group, while having excellent work ethics, have no education and are being educated by the group operating the homes in which they live. Many are getting their GEDs in order to obtain work that is more than menial. They are called the “Lost Boys” and can be found in Canada as well as Utah and Arizona. There are several stories that can be found online about these children. One can only imagine how the other children would be “handled” as they get older if these boys are simply discarded. Here are a few links – I’m sure you can find others.




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