It is becoming more and more obvious (at least to me) that the Senate rule requiring a vote of 60 Senators to invoke cloture is so antithetical to the needs and desires of the American people that we need to do something about it NOW.

There are two ways to do this. The first way is to insist that our candidates for the Senate answer the question:

“If you are elected to the Senate would you support a resolution to do away with the cloture? Please explain the reason for your position.” And then vote accordingly for or against the candidate.

The other way, much more difficult, is to amend the Constitution to allow super-majority restrictions only if authorized in the Constitution. That would have the benefit of making the rule permanent.

It particularly incenses me to have the minority party go around campaigning about the “do-nothing majority” when, in fact, it is the obstructionists who are the guilty party.

“We the People” must take back control. Otherwise it is “We the Sheeple.”


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