1. Excellent article. The sad thing is that all this was predictable and nevertheless the American people voted for him. Through his campaign he lied shamelessly, he showed a lack of respect for everyone and anyone, and he went out of his way to undermine American democratic institutions and our value system. Shame on the American people. They got what they voted for. A guy who has disgraced the OPOTUS, had turned the country into a Jerry Spring show, and has turn the media into supermarket tabloids. Don’t blame Trump, he is nothing more than an opportunistic, amoral, cut throat capitalist out to enrich himself. The American people are out to blame. Shame on all those who voted for a third party, or did not vote. It should have been clearly obvious to anyone through the election of the danger this guys was to our country.

  2. Technically true, dat. He is a difference. But it’s a bit like trading your grumpy old man neighbor for Jeffrey Dahmer or Hannibal Lecter. Different, yes. Different in a way you like? Not so much. J.

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