1. Trump is toast. Rosenstein laid in the weeds, lulling Trump into thinking things would be properly buried, and then ambushed Trump with Mueller. This will drag out for a while, with daily delights for us political crack-heads, but the fact that Mueller was appointed at all means that there is a slam-dunk case against Trump. Comey is 6’8” and can dunk flat-footed. The White House is starting to look like a Donner Pass dinner party. They are eating each other. Resumes are being shopped around for a significant number of the senior staff.

    Who knows how deep the rot goes? Generally reliable sources are muttering darkly about Kushner, Pence and even Ryan involvement in this whole mess. Say hello to President Orrin Hatch!

    • That might be colossal fun. Imagine a) the democrats take a landslide in the midterms and b) Trump AND Pence resign. Hello President Pelosi! J.

  2. One does have to credit the con man. Con men wouldn’t exist if ordinary people didn’t fall for them now and then. That’s how they make their livings and/or fortunes. I’ve been conned. But it does help to have a bullshit detector you bloody nitwits. J.

  3. “God, I cannot believe I voted for this cretin,” says Michael Armbruster of Kansas City. “What is the hell is wrong with me?”

    You are stupid, that’s what’s wrong with you. [some of] The rest of us saw this coming from three sees away. Next time do us a favour and stay home on voting day.


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