McCain votes against equal pay: Women need “education and training”

McCain Votes Against Equal Pay: Women Need “Education And Training”

Once again John McCain shows he is out of touch with the needs of regular people.

So ask yourself if this REALLY is the guy you want appointing members of the Supreme Court for a lifetime?

No matter what the alternative, I say HELL NO!

I have heard this argument about letting the steal and spend Republican Genuises of Propaganda clean up their own mess. The problem with that argument is that our Constitutional Rights might not survive a McCain Presidency which would load up the Supreme Court with a majority of Federalists Judges.

We’ve seen the effect of what the replacement of just 2 judges by GW has had. I cringe to think what could happen if more of these types that sanction the federal govt just taking your land as they see fit and other treasonous acts get on the Supreme Court.

On the positive side, it might be the catalyst for another revolution.


  1. bryan mcclellan

    This fool shames anyone with a pair a swingin. Lousy corporate pigs should all be drowned in the trough of their making and be forced to ante up for any abuse no matter when the infraction occurred. They broke the law, now put their feet to the fire. Supreme court,what a cruel joke they have become!

  2. Jenifer D.

    Anti-Woman Laws

    McCain says women need ‘Education and training’. REALLY? What about the men? Women can be head of households too, just because his wife is a rich little princess and never had to work, but, she volunteers for things. I think McCain has some serious issues with women and I’m betting he loathes Billary. If this MCP wins this election, I wouldn’t put it past him to enact some stupid law that says women have to be married by a certain age or risk jail! If he votes against equal pay for women, who knows what else he might do: declare war on women? Add women to the ‘Axis of Evil’? Rescind the 19th Amendment? That shriveled little mind of his ain’t got much time left on this earth.

  3. Janet

    As a woman, this makes me totally bitter. I am so offended, I may have to buy a gun to cling to. McCain is SO out of touch, it’s amazing they let him out of the house in the morning.

    I can’t wait until the Dems pick up on this one. I hope the DNC runs an ad on this like the one that shows how out of touch he is on the economy.

    Gee, John, what about all the women executives in management positions who make less than their male peers? Do they need even more training and education?

    Once we have our candidate, the debates against McCain will be a piece of cake. The man lives on a different planet in a different solar system in the Old Fart Universe.

  4. Michela

    There has always been a war on women and there will probably always be. It’s all about territory and men will not cede it. We have to take it by force. McCain is so old he is totally out of touch with reality. Women are already better educated (have more and higher degrees) than men. It’s the pay difference, stupid!

  5. Ted Remington

    When I read this article my first thought was, “What were McCain’s handlers getting high on when they allowed him first to vote against the bill and second to come out with such an asinine excuse for his doing so?”

    Then the light dawned. They all must deep down inside think and feel that way. My bet is that this one vote is going to go down in political history as the worst ever by a Presidential candidate. The existing law is a travesty, but it is the law, subject not to change by the Supremes, but by the legislative process.

    Heck, Ted Kennedy could win the election if he played this gender card even half-way correctly.

    A friend of mine e-mailed me the other day and asked why I would not vote for McCain. I sent him this article; I have yet to hear a peep out of him. Of course I also sent a cc to his wife.


  6. pollchecker

    “A friend of mine e-mailed me the other day and asked why I would not vote for McCain. I sent him this article; I have yet to hear a peep out of him. Of course I also sent a cc to his wife.”

    Thanks for the chuckle, Ted. It made my day…er, night (very big grin)!