McCain Votes Against Equal Pay: Women Need “Education And Training”

Once again John McCain shows he is out of touch with the needs of regular people.

So ask yourself if this REALLY is the guy you want appointing members of the Supreme Court for a lifetime?

No matter what the alternative, I say HELL NO!

I have heard this argument about letting the steal and spend Republican Genuises of Propaganda clean up their own mess. The problem with that argument is that our Constitutional Rights might not survive a McCain Presidency which would load up the Supreme Court with a majority of Federalists Judges.

We’ve seen the effect of what the replacement of just 2 judges by GW has had. I cringe to think what could happen if more of these types that sanction the federal govt just taking your land as they see fit and other treasonous acts get on the Supreme Court.

On the positive side, it might be the catalyst for another revolution.

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