1. In a way, it’s true. The U.S.A’s intelligence apparatus did indeed spy upon members of Donald Trump’s campaign – mostly because they were cavorting with Russian spies. It’s sorta their job.

    Not that it helps any. The EPA’s job IS to make it difficult for businesses to pollute, but Mr. Pruitt’s directive seems to be to make it easier for businesses to pollute for why? Profit and jobs, I guess?.

    I wonder if people have forgotten.

    Anti-vaccinationists seem to have forgotten polio, smallpox, and just how lethal measles can be, because our eradication efforts have been so effective. The skies today are so clear in the big cities they’ve forgotten how nasty they were before environmental protections were put into place. In a way, science is a victim of its own success (and mass stupidity).


  2. We must all remember to salute Mitch McConnell for blocking the moderate, rational, and highly qualified Merrick Garland, while aiding and abetting the corpulent mendacity, narcissism, treason and stupidity that is Donald Trump. Middle fingers for Mitch.

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