by Maggie Van Ostrand

On this morning’s Today Show, Hillary Clinton bragged about winning Philadelphia over Barack Obama by a double digit ten per cent.

Except it wasn’t ten per cent, it was 9.4. Close Hillary, but no cigar (no Monica pun intended).

On one of her Indiana stump speeches Wednesday, she boasted “I won the popular vote in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan.”

Except she was the only name on the ballot in Michigan.
And Florida won’t count because it sassed the Party.

What makes Hillary Clinton fans think she’d be any better as president than that whack job we have now? Dancing in Africa in front of people all wearing sarongs with his picture imprinted on them (doubtless paid for by U.S. taxpayers)? What’s that about? Is there a Kinko’s in Kenya?

To go from a spoiled rich nutbag Republican who invaded Iraq to a spoiled rich nutbag Democrat who says she’ll bomb Iran, is hardly an improvement.

We have a chance to vote for a man with a touch of nobility, a gift to unite, and a tolerance to talk with enemies. Let’s not blow it.

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