1. It’s all nonsense anyway: If you cut off Medicaid then those poor people go get very expensive ER treatment and lousy followup care. Hospitals charge their care to other insured patients and get government subsidies, so we all pay for it. But we pay a lot more because ERs are much more expensive than doctor’s office visits. They are just shuffling around the deck chairs on the Titanic. Single payer works fine for the military, their dependents, their retirees, and the VA. Why not for everybody? Its got to be cheaper than what we have now.

    BTW: Why not just call Republican “tax reform” the “give rich people more money” plan? That would be a lot more honest.

  2. You have to admit that with all of the shortcomings of the ACA, the way Obama put it together was genius. In that it’s not susceptible to congressional funding. But it’s the plan put forward by the Heritage Foundation and by Mitt Romney when he was governor of Massachusetts. Look on YouTube and you’ll see Newt Gingrich singing its praises in the 1970’s about the individual mandate. The hippocracy is incredible, but unfortunately, the voters have short memories.

    • Hafta admit I love the idea of a hippocracy. Rule by hippopotamus!

      It works! They’re highly dangerous (kill far more people than sharks (Hipponado, anyone?)) enormous flatulent herd animals that blunder around in the dark doing tremendous damage and hide from the light by burying themselves up to their noses in mud.

      The word you want might be ‘hypocrisy’, but I like hippocracy. It’s difficult to think of a better metaphor for today’s government of the USA.

      Thanks, J.

      • Thank you Jon. My spell check didn’t catch it. In what you’ve described, both would be applicable, but the way you put it, I’d go with your definition.

  3. It’s not supposed to add up. That takes math.

    For all the good the NEA does, the same money also buys about fifteen feet of aircraft carrier, and one and a half F-35s. It buys less than one mile of the 405 freeway (in Los Angeles, and that wasn’t building it, that was just expanding it). Depending on estimates, it costs the same as 40 of President Trump’s trips to Florida, and anywhere between four months and two years of Melania Trump staying in New York City. Somehow I don’t see his budget cutting those…

    That’s just one part of it. Cutting spending on Planned Parenthood just increases spending (by far more) at other clinics and hospitals. Cutting spending on IRS enforcement costs the government $5 for every $1 they cut.

    But math, oh, math. Math is something only those librul elites in their ivory towers at colleges on the coasts do. Regular people don’t need math. Regular people just go with their gut (thank you, Dubya). Math? That’s just numbers. Don’t mean nothin’. Math. Hah.


    • Thank you Jon. Don’t beat around the bush. Come and point out facts. But not to worry. The Republicans don’t give a shit about the people as much as the military and their corporations. Guess what’s coming up? They’re going to have to increase the debt ceiling! I’m really looking forward as to how they’re going to justify it. Oh, that’s right. It’s to pay bills for what has already been done. I’m really looking forward to the hippocracy.

  4. Politically, it’s impossible to repeal ACA without enacting a replacement of some kind. It would be suicide for Republicans, as their constituents have come to expect and need access to affordable health insurance and health care. Unfortunately, for Republicans, they are philosophically opposed to any kind of government backed health care plan, and the results they have arrived at shows that. They don’t want to do it. They are being forced into doing it, and are doing a poor job as a result.

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