Yes, George Bush, it can get worse

It hasn’t been a good couple of days for George W. Bush.

The president achieved the highest disapproval rating, 69 percent, in the 70-year history of the Gallup poll. Only 28 percent of Americans approve of the job he’s doing. By 69 percent to 27 percent they said his presidency has been a failure.

Oh, and the dollar fell to a record low against the euro. Oil prices reached an all-time high of over $118 a barrel. There was a 5.2 magnitude earthquake in southern Illinois, of all places. The North Koreans are making noises about backing out of their uranium deal. And the Rangers, his old baseball team, are last in their division and tied for worst record in the American League.

Can it get any worse?

Well, mysterious unidentified flying objects have appeared over Arizona and Florida. Just what he needs: Real aliens to worry about.


  1. Nogood

    “A failure”!!!!! His whole life has been “a failure”. But I can proudly say that I did not vote for the “failure” either in 2000 or 2004. It is depressing that the American people could not see through this man and I am fearful that they might be “blind” come Nov. of this year. I hope not.

  2. mary cali

    Sooner or later the American people were bound to wake up. The evidence of the mess Bush is leaving us has become too overwhelming even for many Rs to ignore. Unfortunately, they took their blinders off too late. The country will have a difficult task recovering from this incompetent and corrupt presidency. Interesting how incompetency always follows corruption and abuse of power, but then the Founders knew that all too well from the history of royalty
    and its idiot princes.

  3. Jenifer D.

    Two stolen elections,

    GWB wasn’t elected by the American voters, he was ‘elected’ by the Electoral College that is the biggest political machine in the modern world; too many questions raised about the way he ‘won’ both elections; he has too many friends and family on the inside that are using him to get what they want. When this is all over, I’m betting GWB and CO are planning to flee the country into Paraguay when his term is up. You really think these crooks are gonna stick around and wait for the war crimes charges filed by the Red Cross to come to fruition?

  4. mary cali

    Unfortunately, there is no reason for Bush and company to flee to Paraguay. There is no indication that they will be held accountable by the American people, who will continue to anesthetize themselves with Hollywood, sports, and other distractions.

  5. RichardKanePA


    Eisenhower warned of the Military-Industrial-Complex, but instead some want to put all the blame on Bush as he slowly and reluctantly only sometimes gave into what the lobbyists wanted.

    With characters like Bush Jr and McCain around there is someone for the populous to blame rather than the powers at be.

    I for one feel sorry for Bush. I wish progressives would lobby him the way the hawk lobbyists do.


  6. staunchdem

    If you look up Bush v. Gore you will find that the Supreme Court appointed Bush for his first term.
    They ruled that the way the votes were being recounted would irreprably harm Bush so they ordered the counting to stop.
    A year later the NYT, Wa. Post and one of the Florida papers did a complete recount and found that Al Gore won.
    Why isn’t this better known?
    It was published in the NYT but buried in a story on page 17.
    Why? Because 9/11 had just happened and they didn’t want to undermine el presidente.
    As a result we have this debacle with a 27% approval rating.
    Provided the Dems prevail in November we will begin a generation long chore of undoing the damage these crooks and liars have wreaked on our country.
    Please let the sheeple of America wake up.

  7. mary cali

    Richrd K, you feel sorry for Bush??? Your sympathies are misplaced. They should be with the thousands of victims of this incompetent, arrogant ignoramus and his enablers the GOP. Thousands of Americans and Iraqis are dead or mutilated. Thousands of Iraqis are homeless. Thousands more are living in squalid, unhealthy conditions. The cost of the war is skyrocketing into the trillions. Our indebteness to China grows exponentially. Then there is Bush’s failure to address environmental issues. The erosion of our Constitution. The failure to oversee the banking industry which has led to our current recession. Gas prices and fod prices soaring fueling inflation. And you feel sorry for Bush???