The media tends to control everything in a way that goes beyond conspiracy. Politicians are stuck with the image that they’re dirty and conniving no matter how hard a few try not to be, actors forced to play the same roles over and over again, Cuba has been mellowing, but anti-Castro militants, and those who cheer the Cuban dream from afar prevent us from realizing it.

Here in Philadelphia, we have the image frozen in our mind that Mumia Abu Jamal who has been resisting execution and the Move organization, he got in trouble while defending are militants. Though Move was once determined to expose and they hope end what they considered evil civilization, it has now been making more and more compromises with civilized world around them.

One delusion that I hope John Africa can still expose is the illusion that prisoners aren’t human like us normal people on the right side of the law. Among Mumia’s more thoughtful comments was one urging that Saddam not be executed. Google, EMAJ “Saddam’s Sentence”

Chuck Africa of the Move 9, wrote an extremely thoughtful and gentle plea that elderly dying prisoners be allowed to die at home with their families. To me, I hope this will change the image of elderly prisoners and the image that Chuck Africa was, or maybe even ever was, a violent revolutionary.

He is eligible for parole after 30 year in prison. One site says in May, and another in 6 months which would be in October. The parole board can be reached at Chairman Catherine C. McVey, Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole, Attn: Inmate Inquiry, 1101 South Front Street, Suite 5300, Harrisburg, PA 17104

For Chuck’s background you can go to and scrawl down to October 2007 and also click on his picture. I posted other background material at,

Video of Chuck Africa’s plea to the world
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Enclosed is from an original email text I saved of his plea from prison.,

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In a message dated 10/8/2007 11:42:31 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Dear Sirs/Madams:
I write this letter to communicate a grave concern of mine and maybe yours once reading this.

A sea of apathy floods the cell blocks and corridors of Graterford State Prison as scores of elderly/terminally ill inmates are dying at a rapid and alarming pace. The mere fact of anybody dying is not remarkable by itself; but cold indifference can border on the inhumane when people capable of easing needless suffering fail to act. It is not my intent to suggest that there is a quick fix to a complex situation involving many
individuals. However, I do know that there are certain men here who you have observed closely over the years that deserve to be released from this institution.

Counselors, Staffers, Administrators, Psychologists, Guards and Religious Authorities: You have all at various times interrelated with and gotten to know the character of many men here and you can make common sense evaluations and intelligent recommendations regarding this dire situation. Where there is clearly no valid reason pursuant to humanity to continue holding terminally ill men there should be alternatives. I realize that there are more priorities in the world that over shadow that of prisoners and this is not a call to lift the needs and concerns of prisoners above others; it is simply an attempt by me to shed light on a crisis here that requires special attention. Me expressing it with such urgency comes from the real fact that I watch Mr. Edward Williams (Abdullah Shah) AF-4687 wither away before me on A-Block. He is clearly ailing. And I’ve recently observed the late Jerry Mims’ last days as a walking dead man. Helpless and harmless. (1) The bulletin boards continue to announce more memorials as dead faces line the walls on an almost daily basis. Surely some of these men could’ve/can have a positive impact on the communities outside. There can never be enough wisdom out there that people can benefit from. Especially in the wake of the vicious streak of violence plaguing the inner cities.

Finally, while death is inevitable to us all, in here and out there; terminally ill men should at least get to spend their last days of breathing with family and friends. Along with this letter to prisonofficials I’m calling on all Ministers, Guards, Rabbis, Chaplains, Priests, and Imams to have the courage as men; the moral imperative as spiritual guides; and the willingness to adhere
to your conscience as human beings and do what’s right: Put forth an intense effort to gain the release of some fathers and grandfathers who continue to languish in here unjustly (in every sense of the word) and without any more clear penological and rehabilitative purpose.

The months of April and May of this year alone have had more than twelve deaths.

Charles Sims Africa, AM-4975
A-Block A1-015

(1) One of many who’ve succumbed to a terminal illness and is now deceased. And I have witnessed many other stricken men die in similar fashion between 2002-2007.
Cc: Philadelphia Tribune Newspaper;
Cc: Senator Shirley Kitchen, 1701 West Lehigh Ave., Phila, PA 19132

video linkof Chuck Africa’s plea added to blog May 1,


Chuck’s background go to scrawl to October 2007 and also click on his picture. I added recent updates at:

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