Billary already making plans to nuke Iran

Yeah, this is what we really need right now. If Billary becomes POTUS heaven forbid it wake up on the wrong side of the bed with a raging case of PMS and decide to nuke another country because “it seemed like a good idea at the time”.


  1. Ted Remington


    The PMS thing is a pretty low blow politically. I suspect at her age Senator Clinton is beyond all that.

    Notwithstanding, what the hell do you want our candidates to say? “Hey, Iran. We think you are trying to get nuclear weapons so you can obliterate Israel. Israel may be our ally, but we certainly aren’t going to do anything nasty to you if you decide to turn Tel Aviv into a flat piece of trinitite. Our hearts really aren’t into that.”

    If my memory serves me correctly, it was a similar statement that led to the Korean War. This from the wikipedia article on the Korean War:

    “On January 12, 1950, United States Secretary of State Dean Acheson gave a speech declaring that America’s Pacific defense perimeter was made up of the Aleutians, Ryukyu, Japan, and the Philippines, implying that America might not fight over Korea. Acheson said Korea’s defense would be the responsibility of the United Nations.” Acheson, Dean (1969). Present at the Creation: My Years at the State Department. W.W. Norton, Inc., 355-358.

    While there are probably a few analysts and historians who disagree, most mainline historians say that this statement led Stalin to believe (perhaps hope is a better verb) that the US would stand by and let Kim swallow the South.

    NO Presidential candidate is going to say anything that might give Tehran the idea that we will let Israel be obliterated.

    For the record, I believe Obama would make a better president, but fairness dictates that I make this observation.


  2. Jenifer D.

    Thanks Ted

    Yes, I know Billary is menopausal, but, women over sixty are just as nuts as women MY age, except that I know it’s hormonal and I take my supplements like a good soldier 😉 . When Billary made the statement, albeit thinly veiled threat, against Iran, that’s a red flag right there. Nuclear weapons are serious business and you don’t toss that term around lightly. As for Israel, well, they made their bed.

  3. nomar

    There is a possibility that Sen Clinton is post-menapausal.
    While some women in that category say that they have hot flashes-Sen Clinton is among those women who would have power surges. This whole pms thing is grossly sexist. This ends my sexist screed.

  4. Flapsaddle

    It’s part of cultivating the macho image of toughness made famous by JFK – egged on by bully brother RFK – that helped plunge us deeper into Vietnam. It reassures the pro-Israel lobby that we are not ducking out on them. It’s a part of Clinton’s continued attempt to demonstrate her potential for coolness because she was “under fire.”

    And it is totally unnecessary!

    Why should the prospect of a nuclear attack be brought up where there is little likelihood of it being needed? This is like the vulgar, bellicose Nikita Khrushchev threatening “a thermonuclear rocket war” and a polished, bellicose Kennedy promising “a full nuclear response.” Has Clinton forgotten that the Cold War has been over for almost two decades?

    The Israelis are already the premier military power in that corner of the world, well more than a match for anything that the Arab/Muslim world can muster. They probably have far better HUMINT than we ever shall, and they probably know when the Iranian president scratches his butt and breaks wind. Doubtlessly, the Israelis will have a better idea of what is happening long before we do.

    IIRC – and I apologize for not documenting this one, but I can no longer find the citation – the CIA estimates that the Israelis have a dozen or so nuclear weapons available to them, as well as the means to deliver them. Thus, Israel can turn every major city in Iran to glass, destroy every Arab capital, and still have the capability to make Jerusalem’s Temple Mount the holiest site in Islam.

    We should say nothing. It is not our concern. The Israelis neither need nor want our “help”. All the stumbling and blustering done by Clinton just further exacerbates the matter and limits Israel’s options.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  5. SEAL

    People have no idea how close we came to all out nuclear war over the named “Cuban Missle Crisis.” With the last ‘red phone’ conversation Kenneday had with Khrushchev and his threat of nuclear attack, Kenneday’s exact words were, “do that sir, and the last thing you will ever see is a white hot blinding light!” and slammed the phone down. Shortly thereafter the soviets backed down.

    At that time we had so much firepower on the Florida pennsular its a wonder it still floated. The Kennedays were a very combative bunch and JFK wasn’t bluffing. Fortunately, kooler heads than Nikita’s prevailed in the soviet war room.

    All the foregoing is true as witnessed by me.