U.S. military courting felons for recruitment, but, gays still can’t serve!

This is such a dumb, stupid thing to do; The U.S. Military is taking felons who’s crimes range from Armed Robbery to Rape, but, they won’t accept gay recruits who haven’t had so much as a jaywalking ticket? The Military has discharged thousands of gays over the years, which has hurt their personnel numbers, especially in the critical fields such as Military Intelligence Specialties, like Intel Analysts, Interrogators, and Translators. We have a government that fosters homophobia and yet expects Military leaders to tolerate felons in the ranks. BOY, have we ever stepped through the old looking glass!



  1. Jenifer D.


    Slick Willy needs to be tarred and feathered for his ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy on gays. I’d rather go to combat with an openly gay troop than a convicted felon, especially if the felon is a sex-offender or a murderer. A person’s sexual orientation should have NO bearing on their ability to perform their job. I also remember the Army’s policy on adultry and adulterers are still allowed to serve. The Military needs to shitcan this homophobic attitude, NOW.

  2. Tim1224

    Talk about double standards, sexual orientation should have NO bearing?? Lets see homosexuality….bestiality….S&M….pedophile….lets let everyone be a solider. How about no standards, does that fit your little pin head better?

  3. Jenifer D.

    So Tim1224,

    Are you a homophobe? I’ll bet you are! 😀 I did 20 years in the military and worked alongside the very beings you fear with no problems; what they did on their own time was their business as long as it did not affect their place of duty. BTW: Pedophilia and Bestiality are punishable crimes, Timmy my little man. LMAO!!!!!

  4. johneboy

    Is there the possibility that the taking of violent felons might be for (besides the more obvious reason that very few want to sign up) other, more insidious, reasons? The recent ‘martial law’ drills and the situation after Katrina (how the military came in to take guns and not to bring supplies, and how Blackwater was running and gunning much like they do in IRAQ) show a need for these forces to be made up of people less likely to balk at orders to impose an aggressive military authority over the citizens of the US. Just a thought…

    When you find yourself among the majority, it is time for pause and reflection – Mark Twain

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  5. Jenifer D.

    You never know

    But, then again, I think about all the folks in the U.S. that own an arsenal of weapons, have large land plots, with big fences, in rural areas, and are pretty much self-contained. I think Martial Law would be the stick that breaks the Camel’s back and how effective are a bunch of Blackwater punks going to be against angry, and armed, U.S. voters? You do make a good point though, Johneboy.

  6. Sandra Price

    Thnk you Jenifer. I have a wonderful gay grandson who is a kind and great man. People like Tim are in the minority except in the GOP Social Conservatives. It would be nice if they all moved into one place behind a fence.

  7. Flapsaddle

    Whatever the reason, whether rational or not, homosexuals tend to make the troops nervous. The IDF tried “mainstreaming” both women and homosexuals and had to change policy; women tended to distract the men from their mission, and the regular troops were not comfortable with them.

    Yes, it’s grossly unfair, but it is a reality…and the military is primarily a system not intended as a vehicle for social experimentation.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  8. pollchecker

    I bet that 4 star general or admiral that came out recently after retiring from many years of honorable military service might disagree with you. (grin)

    I don’t recall his name right now but I believe he testified in front of Congress about it. I believe some people given the choice might prefer the non-felon versus the felon no matter what their sexual preference might be.

  9. Flapsaddle

    I served with both kinds – law-breakers and homosexuals. Based on personal experience I’ll stand by the statement that they make the troops generally nervous. The first time I was assigned to Fort Sill, two troops caught in flagrante in one battery of the 2/2d FA were defenestrated from the second floor of the barracks.

    One of my battalion commanders, a West Point graduate, retired as an O-5, divorced his wife and came out of the closet. He was an outstanding soldier. The “felon” I remember most, who had served three years probation for burglary of a liquor store, was the finest scrounger I ever knew.