Break the matrix

    Trevor Lyman, the man behind Ron Paul’s "moneybombs" of last fall, has started a new organization to challenge the mainstream media’s stranglehold on information and news.

    BreakTheMatrix is the business tradename of Basic Media, Inc. (in formation), a "for profit" media company being organized to challenge the monopoly stranglehold of our mainstream media in America. For far too long, the mainstream media has held an iron grip on all of the news, information and entertainment that the American people hear, see and receive. Fox News; CNN; Clear Channel; NBC; CBS; ABC– this small group of media entities and their high finance corporate owners control the radio airways and everything that appears on the television screens of 300,000,000 people in our country. They control the news; and they shape the news– so people hear and see only what these entities choose for them to hear and see. The result is obvious, isn’t it? Misinformation and falsity have become the norm; and anyone speaking the truth about what’s actually going on in Washington DC and Wall Street is marginalized, ridiculed, blacked out, and ignored. Well it’s time for this insanity to end. It’s time to take our country back. It’s time to BREAK THE MATRIX– and it starts right here, with Basic Media, Inc

    Break the Matrix

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