With time, numbers and momentum running against her, Hillary Clinton needs a “blowout” victory in Pennsylvania to keep her Democratic Presidential race alive.

The odds are against her.

Obama has a lead of more than 800,000 votes and a substantial delegate lead and Clinton appears unlikely to overtake the Illinois Senator in either category.

Yet she continues to vow to take her fight to the Democratic national convention in Denver in August.

Reports Bloomberg News:

To overtake Barack Obama in the nationwide popular vote, Hillary Clinton needs a bigger win in tomorrow’s Pennsylvania primary than she has had in any major contest so far. And that’s just for starters.

After more than 40 Democratic primaries and caucuses, Obama, the Illinois senator, leads Clinton by more than 800,000 votes. Even if the New York senator wins by more than 20 percentage points tomorrow — a landslide few experts expect — she would still have a hard time catching him.

Clinton needs “blowout numbers,” says Peter Fenn, a Democratic consultant who isn’t affiliated with either campaign. “The wheels would have to come off the Obama bus, and the engine would have to blow.”

A popular-vote victory is vital to Clinton’s chances because she is likely to end the primaries still trailing Obama, 46, in the race for delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

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