Bush determined to keep visitor logs secret

President George W. Bush, the most secretive President in history, will fight to keep White House visitor logs secret.

A decision to challenge a court ruling that says the logs are public record is “business as usual” for Bush, who believes the actions of his administration are above the law and not subject to public view.

Bush’s modus operandi in such matters is to stonewall until time, or his term in office, runs out. It often works and even when it doesn’t work, Bush simply ignores the will of the courts or the rule and law and does whatever he damn well please.

That’s the Bush way and Bush has pretty much had things his way for the past seven years.

Few expect it to be any different this time around.

Reports The Associated Press:

The Bush administration is challenging a court ruling that White House visitor logs are public documents, saying releasing the records would infringe on the separation of powers.

White House documents are normally exempt from public records laws, but a federal judge ruled in December that Secret Service visitor logs must be released. The court sided with a liberal watchdog group that sought records showing visits by prominent religious conservatives to the White House and Vice President Dick Cheney’s residence.

The Bush administration appealed and lawyers were scheduled to argue the case Monday before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

Government lawyers argue the president and vice president must be able to receive visitors and solicit advice privately. They portrayed the request for Secret Service records as an end-around, saying those same logs maintained by the White House would never be considered public documents.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington wants to use the Secret Service documents to show the influence religious conservatives have on the Bush administration. The government argues that proves the records are related to the White House, not to the workings of the Secret Service, and should not be released.

“The prospect of each and every appointment record immediately becoming the subject of forced public disclosure would surely cast a chill over the ability of the president and vice president to collect information and advice,” Justice Department lawyers wrote in court documents.

CREW lawyers reject that argument. They say the documents shouldn’t be considered White House records simply because a watchdog group is trying to find out what the White House is up to. The Secret Service created and controlled the documents, the lawyers said, so they should be public.

Nearly two dozen news organizations, including The Associated Press, filed court documents supporting the release of the Secret Service logs.


  1. Joe-in-PA

    It was Jeff Gannon who was visiting the WH about 150 times late at night. My guess is that Turdblossom was chowing down on nine inches of tube steak. I doubt Mr. Gannon was there to discuss Proust with W.

  2. Flapsaddle

    According to Raw Story, Gannon (Guckert) visited the White House something over 200 times, which included attendance at 155 of 196 scheduled press conferences during his tenure. The controversy seems to be over those gaps when he checked in and failed to check out, checked out without having checked in, stayed for unusually long times, and when he left by unusual exits.

    Since the SS logs were provided to members of the House on that occasion, why should they object to a citizens group wanting to know what religious leaders visited and when?

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  3. mary cali

    Seems to me I remember the Clinton administration having to
    fork over their visitor logs because of Monicagate. When is anyone going to hold this administration accountable??

  4. km0591

    What is going to happen???

    A president who has frequently violated the law, treated the Constitution and the people of this nation with contempt should be not only be impeached but should be in prison along with Cheney and the rest of the gang.

    If it has not happened by now, it will never happen. Bush and his cronies will never be held accountable. Bush will retire to his ranch, make millions from memoirs, continue to spin his “historical legacy” with the assistance of the various boot licking pundits and MSM collaborators, and life will go on.

    Is “American Idol” on tonight? Hope I can get enough money for gas to head to McDonalds later……

  5. Direct Democracy

    Pursue the Bush administration beyond January 20 until they are brought to justice.

    Direct Democracy

  6. Sandra Price

    The Pope is back in the Vatican and now we can get back to business! Now, what can we do to force the White House to give up their visitor’s logs? Going to the Supreme Court would be worthless as Bush has two of his own on the Court. Anyone got any ideas?

  7. pollchecker

    Sandra — there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it except elect a Congress in 2008 that will secure the Constitution and the Bill of Rights from another Bushie type. If we don’t give Congress the majority that they need, no matter who we elect, we will still be unable to get anything done.

  8. anthny

    A tried and true Bush tactic, it works every time he needs to stop investigations.
    The logs should have no bearing on the presidency. But in the Bush regime there are many secrets, that we the people would not understand.
    I for one would like to see how many times Jeff Gagnon visited the W.H., does everyone remember the fake journalist who walked the W.H. halls into the late hours, practicing who knows what on whom.
    Crew has been keeping Bush off balence for the last four years and time is running out for Georgie San

  9. Sandra Price

    Pollchecker, I am doing everything possible to exchange Trent Frank of Arizona with a man named Thrasher who is a Democrat. I worked for Thrasher two years ago but Frank is a “compassionate conservative” and a clone of Bush.

  10. pollchecker

    They obviously are hiding something. And that generally indicates something illegal or hurtful to them.

    What ever happened to transparency in the WH? Oh, that’s right. It was just more disinformation by the steal and spend republican genuises of propaganda.

  11. Flapsaddle

    “Hillary Health Care” redux…this is almost identical to the Clinton administration’s attempt to keep secret the list of attendees at the 1993-94 White House conference on a nationalized medical care system, a conference presided over by Hillary Clinton.

    While it will not and probably should not lead to the disclosure of the actual discussions between the President and the visitors, it should not be a problem to know who is visiting and how often they are visiting. Obviously, the administration might be embarrassed to have it known how many high-profile, influential religious leaders were frequently visiting – just as the former administration attempted to conceal the identities of the activists attending the health-care meetings.

    I hope that the citizens group involved will continue this appellate review as long and as high up as is necessary.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  12. Jenifer D.

    Spoiled Frat Boys

    Methinks those visitor logs include a parade of prostitutes, hostile government entities, and maybe a touch of the drug trade. Bush is a jackass and Cheney is no better; they get over on these laws because they know how to frighten, or coerce, people into doing what they want. They seem to forget that they work for the U.S. voters, the voters do not, by any means, work for them. I’m taking bets on when these hacks are going to flee the country into South America when their term is up. You know Mexico is no longer a political exile safe haven for crooks like them

  13. Belle

    As long as the timid, scared people of this country let their laws be mishandled, done away with,abandoned and allow that white House moron to have his way, they get what they deserve. Clinton got his for a blow job , but Shrub can destroy the world. abolish our Constitution and parade aound like the empty headed peacock he is and this country TAKES IT!!!! shame on anyone that will not vote to impeach him and his cohorts.. jail would be too good for them. but should it happen… send him to Joes jail in Arizona.. they would be made short work of there. What has happened to the people? Will nothing that man does get them riled up? I hope the next president will remove the top of the White House and let the stale polluted air OUT and some fresh air in there..The damage done by this administration will not easily be corrected and certainly not by old wrinkled ass McCain or that Shillary creature.

  14. Elmo

    Government lawyers argue the president and vice president must be able to receive visitors and solicit advice privately.

    I know I’d be ashamed if anyone found out I had been giving advice to this crowd of foul ups. But thanks to Ms. Nancy P, the White House can break any law they want, commit high crimes and/or misdemeanors, and generally thumb their noses at the Constitution. She gave them a free pass.

  15. Flapsaddle

    Surely, you are not surprised at this, are you?

    She gave them a free pass.

    The only difference between the Democratic party and the Republican party is the label – i. e., a distinction without a difference.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  16. Sandra Price

    Any chance of a change from the Rs or Ds has failed. I will not try again. I’m working to get my Congressman out of a job.