Republicans may well have set up the Democrats on the minimum wage by trying to tie another tax cut for the wealthy into a modest hike for Americans who work for a living.

Of course, the Democrats voted against it and watch the Republicans try to turn that into a campaign advantage in the November mid-term elections. "See," they will cry, "we tried to raise the minimum wage but the Democrats voted against it."

Hopefully, voters are smart enough to see through such a ploy but don’t count out political mastermind Karl Rove’s ability to spin this to the GOP advantage.

Still, the blatant hypocrisy of the Republicans on this issue is obscene.

Writes Toby Barlow on The Huffington Post:

"I know it when I see it."
Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart on hard-core pornography.

This week’s Republican Party play on the minimum wage was so disgusting to witness, it somehow felt beyond porn. Binding the first raise for working class Americans in ten years to yet another (yet another!) tax cut for the rich was an act so naked, so grotesque, that I sincerely believe small children should not be allowed near the television when Bill Frist is on screen.

Really, shield their eyes, it’s that bad. According to Frist, "These issues must be addressed as a package, all or nothing," And what a "nice package" it would be too, cutting taxes on the wealthiest multi-million dollar estates. But why stop there? Why not, in a similarly wanton manner, attach a tax cut for the rich to every single bill the Senate passes? As we all know, they pretty much have already. Over the past six years the Bush Administration and the Republican House and Senate have kept the minimum wage stalled at 1996 levels while lasciviously bending over backwards to provide break after break to their illustrious "base."

It was a win-win situation for the Republicans. If some Dems crossed the line and allowed the wage hike/tax cut to pass they get yet another payoff to their fatcat base as well as the claim that "we raised the minimum wage."  If the Dems held firm, which they did, they get to use a Democratic wage issue against Democrats.