Leftists & Rightist criticism of McCain trip over each other making many feel if my enemies don’t like him he must be doing something right. McCain is disliked by a broad section of people such as gun advocates and near pacifists.

More importantly anti-immigrant nativists plus Hispanics who don’t like him saying after Castro retired that he “hopes Castro dies soon,” Many Hispanics are afraid that McCain being a hot-headed and Hugo Chavez as well will get McCain out of Iraq to fight a war of the rich against the poor in much of Latin America that McCain may incite. They keep these fears to themselves so as not to stir up tensions with often several Conservative Cubans that they know and scream about 100 years in Iraq instead.

It all adds up to a casual observer that he must be some kind of moderate.

If McCain messes things up, he will be blamed just like Bush is. But if Hillary gets or keeps up lengthy wars with Muslims, antisemitism and hatred toward defense contractors like Haliburton will be overwhelming, so if Hillary stops Obama, many contractor lobbyists will switch to McCain. So to me the future seems almost hopeless, the dollar has to with enough abuse collapse and we will be starving. The gun nuts sleeping on their roof gardens until McCain takes their guns away.

There is however, more than a glimmer of hope. Perhaps peace-nicks and gun owners can start loving each other, Immigrant haters inviting pro-Venezuelan activists into their homes etc. This to me is a real possibility, if we dwell on how grim the future might otherwise be.

We who fear McCain better start being careful when we condemn McCain to not inadvertently cancel each other out.

Some of McGovern’s best workers turned out to be Nixon spies that sabotaged McGovern’s fall campaign, so I don’t blame Hillary for all the dirty tricks played in her behalf. She might likewise think Obama is behind the scenes be doing things that McCain or lobbyists may be responsible for, to make the Democratic campaign more shrill.

Obviously I prefer Obama over Hillary, but perhaps if she let her husband run things, a big if, she might avoid wars with Muslims, but with her as president al Qaeda will look forward to baiting her into wars to incite blaming the Jews. Remember Moussaoui spent his entire 9/11 trial blaming his Jewish lawyer and urging Americans to blame the Jews. Al Qaeda beheads pacifists and videotapes the beheadings to the Internet. Al Qaeda has reason to speculate that endless wars will lead to massive antisemitism if it appears the only way out.

Obama will bring us together and McCain will plunge us further and further apart, both domestically and we as the people of the world. But for the shakers and makers a few more years as with Bush that an individual will be blamed if things go wrong not a conglomerate of interest groups.

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Others please join me in uniting McCain opponents, and create a think-tank to mesh the overlapping reasons we fear his Meth like high.

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