Doddering John McCain has come up with a new scheme to throw bread to the masses so they can drive to the circus:

Do away with all Federal gas taxes from Memorial Day to Labor Day. That will be a boost to the economy.

Yeah. Right. If the steal-and-spend Republicants are correct every tax cut causes a huge ripple effect to stimulate our economy. Without anyones’ having to do any work! Wow! Great!

So what we should do is stop collecting all taxes and watch the economy take off for the stratosphere. But, asks this querulous quibbler, how will we pay for our government?

The same way we’ve been paying all the overdrafts for the last seven years, just borrow it from the Chinese and let our great-grandchildren pay for it. We’ve already gotten beyond the point where our grandchildren can make good, so we have to look to the third generation after us.

For the love of God, people, wake up and smell the horse manure. This does not work in the long run. My sainted father used to say that this was robbing from Peter to pay Paul, which made Peter sore, and and everyone knows or should know you can’t do business with a sore Peter. A bit earthy was my father, but I always felt he was a wise man.

He used to call me up on April 15 and sing, to the tune of I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, his made-up song that began: The Ides of Taxes are Upon You.

Ironic, isn’t it, that this last piece of crap from Doddering John comes to light on tax day?

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