1. Trump likes dumb! Makes him feel powerful. Trump is Dumb and followers are Dummber. Dumb and Dumber. Ugh! I can’t stomach when he talk. He is gross and uneducated!

  2. Of course. Trump is a gangster. Six bankruptcies, and wealthier than ever? Go look up the definition of “bust out” his specialty.

    Go Google Trump mob ties.

    Take a look at his Russian mob ties as well. Putin being the Godfather of the Russian capo oligarchs.

    Then, let’s see those tax returns.

  3. Yup let’s talk about 3500 businesses vs. the 50 million people the left has stiffed, you have to have priorities right.

    Yup let’s distract with his 1/10 debt so no one talks about the 20 trillion the left stiffed the hardworking Americas out of.
    But hey let’s not worry about that, let’s just vote another one in so she can go another 10 trillion while we talk nonsense about Trumps fraction of a debt.

    I notice the story didn’t mention what Trumps debt was “before” the loser in chief took over, was he more prosperous before the left totally destroyed the economy and countless businesses started to fail?

    Yea I didn’t see that information either, Trumps entire point of running is because HE and YOU are failing with this present administrations policies. So let’s vote another a bigger failure in than the present POS in Chief.

    10 trillion in debt adds some great numbers to the stats but those stats don’t measure that growth vs. the debt so once again the people are stiffed by the left with their BS of economic growth and left with 20 Trillion in debt.

    Chapter 11 is much different that chapter 7, restructuring vs. foreclosure a very different monster, and if you expect a business person to never fail then you’re nuts, they all fail until they no longer fail.

    I bet you Ms. Trump won’t steal the china when she leaves the WH.
    Yup let’s not talk about those things though.

    • Seems to me Bush/Satan (Cheney) were in office when the economy tanked and taxpayer money was funneled to the banksters…or was THAT all Obama’s and Clinton’s fault, Rumpanzees?

  4. Do not expect the national debt to decline under a Trump presidency. In fact it will rise even faster than during the current year.

  5. “new investigative report from The New York Times”

    I am always interested to see what Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, who makes hundreds of millions of dollars on illegal immigration to the USA, has to say about Trump. I am still going through the this report released by Mr. Slim’s blog.

  6. i do not trust any real estate develepers they are all crooks and grossly over inflate there assists plus who the heck would invest there money in golf courses there going brooke around the country golf is a dying sport no body under 50 wants to play 5 hour golf games and the very high golf fees wake up trump is not a good business man has gone broke on 12 business I do not know any of our nations richest men in the past going broke on 12 business it is very funny that it is common knowledge among many leading republicans that is is running just to build up his image so he can borrow more money to stay afloat he is sinking faster then a bag of bricks
    and i believe he will drop out of the running by sept. he will not want to do those debates and mike pense will pick up the banner and will be a good fit as for clinton her health is not good she is losing her strength and she is a criminal and hopefully will be arested very soon with her deviate husband.

    • “and i believe he will drop out of the running by sept. he will not want to do those debates and mike pense will pick up the banner”

      I will bet you $1000 that doesn’t happen, barring an assassination. You really believe that put your money where your mouth is.

  7. I don’t know who this Doug Thompson is that wrote this report, but they are using every smear trick they can find to get Hillary in office. This is a new investigative report by the New York Times…….Hog Wash……..I think they better do a report on Hillary and Bill Clinton, What is this Foundation that they have received millions,and millions for a foundation from Foreign Countries, and have only given very little to charities, ..Does anyone remember when Bill Clinton was President, and him being impeached,and why. Remember Monica? He doesn’t deserve being back in the White House. They want to open the borders, and bring all these people from foreign countries in, well just wait until they start blowing themselves up in downtown main street. Remember it only took a few bad apples to bring down the twin towers….. , .

  8. He just donated cash and a semi loaded with relief goods to the flood victims in La. Have you heard about this? ………………..I guess not…so sad for you people.

    • I wonder where he borrowed the money from for that $100000 donation. Someone will get screwed. And yes he has been siphoning campaign donations to pay off debt in his companies, He is not self financed. I do not hate Trump personally, I just cannot stand his hair. Hillary has much better hair.

  9. Yeah right, and we’re supposed to trust the liberal media for honest reporting on Trump or any other Republican right? Pfft, nice try. Only libtard imbeciles jump on the hate Trump bandwagon when they have the biggest crook in the world, who rigged her own election from Bernie and then hired the person who rigged it for her, on the other side. Sure, that makes a lot of sense.

    • If you don’t believe the “lamestream” media, Guy…feel free to directly contact the people/companies involved and get their side of the story. I suspect that, even if those individuals/companies accounts were negative, you wouldn’t believe them. While I have serious doubts and misgivings concerning Hillary Clinton, any person campaigning to be the POTUS and didn’t know what the “Nuclear Triad” was and/or the proper deployment of such devices is truly unfit to be the POTUS. Period. I was taught this information, in the REAL military, during the Vietnam War. The same war that Trump, Cheney, Guliani and hundreds of thousands more avoided by using academic and/or physical waivers.

  10. Trump is short of cash . Good idea then to follow the Clinton’s lead and go into politics and sell influence in government. This will create a free market for state secrets and lower the prices paid by our enemies.

  11. He quotes Hitler and Stalin, best buds with Putin, with his wife and Putins girlfriend hanging out. If you ever wanted to know how terrible dictators ever get elected, here you go. With a smile and a ton of bullshit.

  12. Can you people honestly believe this crap, yes we can, little trump is nothing but a fraud. He’s been a fraud his whole life and may I add a jerk. Look at that fat governor of New Jersey, little trump owed the state 30 million dollars in back taxes, little trump knew if he didn’t pay he could settle for much less. In fact 25 million less, he only ended up paying 5 million dollars. The tax payers of New Jersey picked up the difference. And who do you think left him off the hook for 25 million, our old friend Chris Christie. I should mention that Chris did get something in return,over 600 hundred thousand in campaign contributions.

    • Business requires for you to make money…period. It does not require that you pay as much tax as you can. You may not like that he negotiated an 80% lower tax but as a businessman, it was the right thing to do for his business. Now if he could get us out of our national debt run up by Bush and Obama….we would be in good shape.

  13. Anyone who signs a contract with him IS going to be screwed. It’s just Trump’s standard operating procedure.

    • “Anyone who signs a contract with him IS going to be screwed. It’s just Trump’s standard operating procedure.”

      I live in Atlantic City,NJ and I can tell you story after story of local businesses and individuals I know personally that can attest to exactly that. In fact, I know one of his accts. payable mgrs. from back in the 90’s when the royal screwing s began and she has told me that was exactly their instructions, pay no one till they sue and then go bankrupt and screw all of them. This guy is a monster and the people who are his followers have no idea not a clue about him and don’t want to know. They’ve bought the endless lies he spews plus the utter nonsense the same non-News sources have created about Hillary. She’s no angel , but compared to tRump she might as well be one. God help us all if he ever gets anywhere near the WH. He couldn’t care less about the American people, he’s running to enrich himself and abuse the office for his own gain and ego. The man is a modern version of NERO.

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