Monday 4/14/08 — Hillary on the news speechifying before AAM, and the audience is booing her. I wonder what this same event will sound like after the Clinton Machine edits the audio.

That may sound cynical (who, me?) but at a 9/11 fundraiser in NY for the families of firefighters, EMTs and police who lost their lives, Hillary came onstage and began to speak. The people didn’t like what she was saying. She was booed. She was hissed. I was surprised at the anger of the crowd.

Cut to an audio track of that same event played over the radio several years later. The exact same event. Except this version had no booing and no hissing. Instead, there were roars of approval and much applause.

It was then, listening to the edited tape, that I finally accepted how deceitful the Clintons really are.

My God, that she might be the nominee — Even George Orwell couldn’t have imagined anything quite that scary.

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