Self-serving, in my opinion, is a good thing, particularly when the ‘self’ is America. G-d serving is a private matter and should not be aired in public. We don’t need the crazy Christian Fundamentalists trying to rule the country and turn everyone of us into bible thumping fruitcakes like them.

I live and travel extensively abroad. Recently I have spent a lot of time in China, Thailand, and Vietnam. Mrs Clinton, Senator Clinton, is revered everywhere. Many Europeans I have had contact with have expressed great admiration for Senator Clinton, as have most Africans.

I believe that another President Clinton would be a great asset to the United States, and I believe that Obama and McCain would do nothing to enhance our prestige in the world. Everyone I have spoken to–admittedly only hundreds, not thousands–likes Hillary and Bill, and they would respect our nation again if Hillary were President.

I hope she will be.

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