This week we have descended further into the hell that passes for the campaign and are asked to compare a liar with a man who forgot to insert “some” into an otherwise accurate statement. Agreed that in the current world of diplomacy, the President of the United States of America must speak with precision so as not to give false signals. Candidates enhance their ability to speak non-communicatively during the campaign and Obama, Clinton and McCain are honing their skills in the hands of the mainstream media which throws their public and private comments in their faces.

It seems to me beyond question that when one takes the time to read the entire statement by Obama regarding small town values it is obvious he is speaking of a subset of small town residents. As such, the statement is irrefutably true – some residents of small towns do retreat from horrible conditions into familiar values. That denigrates neither the people nor their values.

On the other hand Hillary seems bent on peeling back her façade of “experience” one gaffe at a time. Frankly a woman whom I have long thought to be strong of will and intellect shows now that in addition to those admirable traits she also harbors avarice and a dark spirit.

Now I started this with the observation that our President’s words receive at least as much scrutiny as those of these candidates. Slight misstatements can have dire consequences when uttered by the person commanding more raw power than any other head of state.

I think this is both regrettable and duplicitous. Duplicity comes from our penchant to parse every statement, not only of political figures but even more often of each other – “honey, do you think this dress makes me look fat” — belies a truth about the human experience we fight with every thought we have. For all the wonders of the mind it really isn’t all that important in the scheme of things. Words and thoughts matter between other beings having words and thoughts, but the rest of creation is unconcerned for the most part with what we say or think.

It is regrettable that we do this because it forces each of us to subvert, to some extent, our true nature and to seek conformity with others just to get along if not to achieve some objective. In the long run this will be humankind’s undoing, but that is another commentary.

Suffice it to say I would rather let Hillary talk about things that didn’t happen and Obama say the unspoken truth even with his sometimes rough edges than that all of that go underground and not get aired out. I would even rather know that McCain doesn’t know Sunni from Shiite than have him cover up that fact with blather and pabulum.

Let them speak their hearts and I think we will be better informed than by examining every word under the microscope of the ultimate elite – the press.

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