Speaking with precision

This week we have descended further into the hell that passes for the campaign and are asked to compare a liar with a man who forgot to insert “some” into an otherwise accurate statement. Agreed that in the current world of diplomacy, the President of the United States of America must speak with precision so as not to give false signals. Candidates enhance their ability to speak non-communicatively during the campaign and Obama, Clinton and McCain are honing their skills in the hands of the mainstream media which throws their public and private comments in their faces.

It seems to me beyond question that when one takes the time to read the entire statement by Obama regarding small town values it is obvious he is speaking of a subset of small town residents. As such, the statement is irrefutably true – some residents of small towns do retreat from horrible conditions into familiar values. That denigrates neither the people nor their values.

On the other hand Hillary seems bent on peeling back her façade of “experience” one gaffe at a time. Frankly a woman whom I have long thought to be strong of will and intellect shows now that in addition to those admirable traits she also harbors avarice and a dark spirit.

Now I started this with the observation that our President’s words receive at least as much scrutiny as those of these candidates. Slight misstatements can have dire consequences when uttered by the person commanding more raw power than any other head of state.

I think this is both regrettable and duplicitous. Duplicity comes from our penchant to parse every statement, not only of political figures but even more often of each other – “honey, do you think this dress makes me look fat” — belies a truth about the human experience we fight with every thought we have. For all the wonders of the mind it really isn’t all that important in the scheme of things. Words and thoughts matter between other beings having words and thoughts, but the rest of creation is unconcerned for the most part with what we say or think.

It is regrettable that we do this because it forces each of us to subvert, to some extent, our true nature and to seek conformity with others just to get along if not to achieve some objective. In the long run this will be humankind’s undoing, but that is another commentary.

Suffice it to say I would rather let Hillary talk about things that didn’t happen and Obama say the unspoken truth even with his sometimes rough edges than that all of that go underground and not get aired out. I would even rather know that McCain doesn’t know Sunni from Shiite than have him cover up that fact with blather and pabulum.

Let them speak their hearts and I think we will be better informed than by examining every word under the microscope of the ultimate elite – the press.


  1. 33rdSt

    Where does tolerance end and absurdity begin? For that is the harm done by both the president and the junior senator from New York; the deliberate perversion of the truth.

    We all have misspoken and in the future will misspeak. And I agree we should have some tolerance of one another for that. But when the perversion for political gain of statements of others is tolerated in pursuit of the above sentiment, then we run some serious risks.

  2. Carl Nemo

    Great analysis Phil Hoskins. I personally believe Hillary’s ongoing hypercritical antics are going to backfire on her in the upcoming primaries. She’s been looking evermore less presidential on a daily basis.

    She’s blown her cover over these many campaign months and there’s no going back. I personally believe she’s finished and she’s not going to step down gracefully either. In fact I think she’s going to become a party embarrassment and it will take the cane of the “gong show” judges; ie., the party leaders to remove her from the political stage; she, squawking everso loudly. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. Sandra Price

    Very nice Phil. The slate of candidates may be as bad as any list in my memory. I have not been able to vote for any candidate of either party for close to 20 years. When I have to decide whether I want Socialism or a theocratic movement I shut down on any political movement and start over by trying to make people understand that we own the government. Do we want God to have the power to legislate? Do we want Christians to put our loved ones back into the closet? Do we want to return to segragation in our neighborhoods and schools? Do we want to excuse religious movements to be allowed to abuse young boys and girls? Mormons and Catholics should be jailed for these sins against children.

    I can see only one candidate who will make some of these changes although it will take a couple of new generations to weed out the bigotry.

    I’m bitter too after listening to so many Americans who cannot figure out right from wrong and look to the Federal Government to lead them by the nose.

  4. JudyB

    Phil spoke precisely in this article…Thank you Phil!
    I find myself disgusted, burned out, and fed up with all the nit-picking being spewed. I do not want to listen to, watch or read anything more about this primary election.
    I long to be intelligently informed about what is being done to correct this train wreck economy or even better, is anything being done, or can it be?
    I am sick of this illegal war, and beyond fed up and angry over the lies being told about it..the only thing I want to hear is that we are pulling our troops out.
    I feel like I’m living in a world where no one trusts anybody, and its no wonder with all the exagerating and lies that we are exposed to 24/7.
    All of this being said, I notice that those who casually listen to the news, seem to handle all of the above without the angst I have…and I somewhat envy them of that. They may not be as well informed, however their minds have not been corrupted by media overkill either, proving at least to me, that the old saying “ignorance is bliss” holds some truth.

    This week my goal is to watch the BBC News, Read CHB and spend the rest of my idle time listening to music, doing crosswords, and in general “chillin out”!

  5. Dogma

    I am very tired of the primary process and all it has turned into. I have watched lots of TV, listened to many talking heads and tried to follow the candidates. They are again way off topic and I may have the TV on now, but I just tune it out. I cannot watch hill and her bobble-headed delivery and listen to her faulty logic any longer. The twisting, spinning and redefining what someone actually said is getting more and more frustrating for me to listen to and I plan to make better use of my time. I used to listen to all the talking heads and it has taken me a while to come to the conclusion that most fan the flames and continue to stir the pot while playing good cop-bad cop all in the name of job security. I am backing off but still hope to stay abreast of just the major points as this process winds down; the sooner, the better.

  6. Belle

    Phil. you hit the nail on the head. When I hear ( second hand.. she is NOT allowed on MY TV set )that Shillary has the audacity to stand before a crowd of people and lambast Obama for his words, putting HER interpretation on them and tell these people who may be jobless…losing their homes…no health care that SHE knows how they feel, I get sick to my stomach.. She has IRS forms with $109 million on them ( NOT counting this years which she is holding close to that steel heart )telling the poor folk she KNOWS how they feel ? Plain ordinary BS. Obama HAS made himself the man he is and she has NO idea of how a poor person feels She WILL go kicking and screaming like the shrew she is ,into the night and all I want to hear from THAT lying mouth are 2 words….. I QUIT!!! In the words of her haughtiness…Let them eat cake!!!!

  7. Ted Remington

    People who do not vote deserve the government they get.

    But the fewer people who vote the more mine matters. Knock yourself out, people, and stay away from the polls in droves.


  8. JudyB

    Lately I have been hearing more people say they were not voting in November…I don’t know wether to believe them all or not, but I heard five who said that, this weekend while at a gathering…also, I have read a few posts on CHB where some have said they were not voting…this is something I find shocking and will never understand.

    “We’d all like to vote for the best man, but he never seems to be a candidate.”