Dead-Eye Hill announced that she was incited that Barack had the audacity to suggest that some people might hang on to guns and god, while they are bitter about their future prospects. In her most haughty, I am Queen voice, she called Barack Obama, truly a self-made man, that nastiest of comments ever heard – Elite. What an attack, intended to be heard by Pennsylvanians whose jobs are gone forever. Elite? Oh, my, the horrors!

Last night, between anti-Elitism attackes, Dead-Eye Hill went out for some boilermakers and downed a few brews, while exchanging hunting, and presumably fish stories. I suspect that if fishing did come up, word will leak that Hillary caught the whale that swallowed Jonah, saving his life, (using flyweight #3 line, on a custom, handcrafted, Strato-caster pole, using two ounces of lead, a stainless leader, and a barbless hook – because Hillary practices “catch and release” when she concocts biblical tall fish stories. Hillary has ALL the details down pat.) before having to admit that she lied about that, too.

How sweet. “Pour beer, Hill, smile now. OK, you in the blue collar shirt, smile and give Hillary a toast. Camera ready? ROLL IT. ACTION.” Making sure the camera gets the perfect lighting of Hill rubbing elbows with the common beer-drinking man is not an easy task. It is almost as hard to catch Hillary choking up on cue. Damn, that takes practice, practice, practice. You can only do it in one take, you see.

So Obama is the one tagged with the elite label, all the while that Little Miss Inevitable chartered a private plane to avoid rubbing shoulders with the media (at least until she ran out of money). Her husband earned a cool $800,000 in future bribe money from pro-Colombian trade pacts lobbyists, half of which she can use for her campaign. Instead of firing Mark Penn for double dipping with Colombia, she merely changes his title. And all the while, she attacks Obama for no being strong enough on trade issues. Worst of all, Howard Wolfson also takes Colombian trade money, leaving Hillary as the only individual in her entire campaign that seems to have missed out on free money.

But she is against the trade agreement. Honestly. Trust her. Really. This is no fish or Nafta story.

Between her Bosnian sniper attacks, her lies about Obama and the Canadians on NAFTA, her pretending that her staff did NOT spread lies about Obama being a Muslim, then attacking his christian preacher, Hillary has shown just how low she will go. Finally, I can understand why Mark Penn is dining with Karen Hughes (Bush’s former right hand man), why Bill respects Karl Rove as a political genius, and why Hillary’s acquaintance with truth and veracity is not just passing, but she crosses the street against the lights, just to avoid running into it again.

$109,000,000 since 2000. That is the Clintons’ income. Not including unreported large sums from Qatar and other middle east sources. (of course, mentioning these will make Obama anti-semitic, somehow). And what of his library funding, exceeding $150,000,000 from FOREIGN sources? It sure looks like his friendship with papa Bush certainly has paid off. On edit, I was reminded of two things, the free health care that their entire family gets, partly from her senate job, partly from his presidential pension. However, that would net them only approximately $3.5 million AFTER taxes for that same time period. And never forget for at least one entire year, Bill was earning nothing extra because of his emergency heart surgery.

Obama recently paid back is school loans. Hillary turned $1000 into a magical $100,000. Obama worked the streets in poverty and crime ridden areas of Chicago, seeing first hand the hopeless and the damage they have suffered. Hillary’s family had a summer cottage where she spent her summers. Instead of a Wall street firm (easy to do for a Harvard Law Review editor) Obama worked for a small local firm. With her husband as governor, Hillary worked for the Rose Firm, the biggest corporate firm in that region. Obama donated his time, Hilalry sat on the Wallmart Board of Directors, making anti-union and anti-worker decisions. Obama writes books, Hillary hires others to write them for her.

It just begs the question: JUST WHO THE HELL IS ELITE HERE, DEAD-EYE HILL?

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